Saturday, September 5, 2015

A mix of cute spring critters

We found this moth on the table in the entertainment area. It was upside down; of course we thought it was dead. But as I photographed it. it's feelers moved! After the photo shoot I slid a piece of paper under it, took it outside and placed it in the garden. When I looked for it later, it wasn't there. I hope it revived and is safe.
An interesting little moth which seemed dead until I photographed it! 

Chappie who seems to be even fatter since she started her diet two months ago, usually cannot jump UP onto shelves and high surfaces. On Friday Rina spotted her in the pantry...
Chappie up on a pantry cupboard! 
She's a good advert for the selection on cat food we buy for the other four [fussy] cats

Quite a few months ago, I photographed the anthurium which Rina re-potted and placed in a favorable spot in the entertainment area (also our sun porch)  in November last year. It was flowering prolifically then and... still flowering prolifically today!

At the same time as she'd re-potted another plant in my office (and Chappie's lounge/sleeping area) - a Peace on earth Lily - scientific name: Spathiphyllum 
Spathiphyllum (Peace on Earth Lily) - Image Googe;

Ours is showing the first blooms of the season! 

We counted five blooms yesterday! 

Outside on the patio, the amaryllis is blooming. 
I took this photo on Thursday
And this one this morning! 
All over the Free State the peach, pear and plum blossoms are out in full color. My garden has three peach trees: from two of them we make sliced peach jam every year. We also have a mulberry tree and a weeping mulberry tree. A fig tree is struggling to make its presence known but seems too old.
One of the two fruitful peach trees! 
I enjoyed playing with the close up of the individual blossoms

We also have an orange tree which is bearing well at the moment. Rina had picked an orange to eat and left it on the dining table. Amanda and the children popped in on Thursday afternoon and I managed to capture on camera the cutest critter of  all! 
Gazing at his mom snapping him with her Smartphone

Isn't he just the cutest?

I'm linking to Saturday Critters with Eileen here

Here's wishing you all a wonderful Saturday! 


  1. Hello Jo, the moth is pretty, it has lovely marking and coloring. And Chappie is adorable, great closeup! And is that baby Liam, he is a sweetie. Your flowers and blooms are gorgeous. Lovely images and post. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  2. that last photo is priceless... so precious and so serious with his orange. cute cute cute... i have killed every house plant i ever had, and i had the first 3 you showed. i am death to houseplants. yours are beautiful as is Chappie

  3. adorable little face. :) sweet blooms too!

  4. Lots of good varied shots today but the last 2 are my favourites.


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