Saturday, September 19, 2015

Summer Critters in South Africa

This week I have a rather mixed bag  post of critters. 
Fiscal Flycatcher atop the mulberry tree next to our house

Although I've regularly seen this flycatcher in our garden over the years, I'd never heard its call. While it was sitting high up on our mulberry tree, it sang beautifully. I videoed it but because my zoom is so strong [and my arms weak!] while I did the recording, I seemed to be shaking terribly. I hope you get the gist of the bird's pretty call! 

A funny thing happened while Skabenga stood next to Rina on the patio: a ladybird landed on his back. I grabbed my camera but the photo is a bit blurry as Skabenga wouldn't stand still for the photo! 

My dog with a ladybird on his back! 
The ladybird flew off and landed on the patio table! 
I managed a few photos before the bug flew off into the blue yonder
The amaryllis blooms continue to delight! 

I held the camera behind the plant and clicked

With summer well on its way, our garden is beginning to look pretty. The Aloes in bloom will soon attract the sunbirds
 Looking out of my office window yesterday, 
I was thrilled to see the first Irises in flower
Almost a foxy face-shape in this iris
Above us we saw our farmer friend flying over Marquard

And the resident frog; I normally snap it at night. But earlier this week, Rina called me to say it was sleeping near the entrance of the pipe (which is its home!)
Droopy eyed

I loved the stubby feet under its chin

Quite prehistoric-looking, isn't it?

We've been taking Skabenga and Eddy to the golf course regularly. The pup has learnt from Eddy that once he enters the course, and the yoomens remove his leash, he may run to his heart's content. Below you can see him in action! 
Skabenga running back to Mama Jo after cavorting in the grass with Eddy!
Hi Mum, here I am! 
There are also herds of cattle in the field adjacent to the golf course

Rina clipped Skabenga's leash to his harness and led him to the cattle. 
As cattle are wont to do, they approached the fence to take a closer look! 

It was the first time Skabenga had seen such huge creatures and he gave full voice! 

I hope you enjoyed this post of critters as much as I enjoyed creating it. For more Critter Posts on a Saturday, please click here

Happy Saturday to you all! 


  1. pretty bird. adorable frog - my post tomorrow will have similar views. :) love the cattle and skabanga is filling out quickly!

  2. Nice post - I do love that frog. When I saw that second shot, I though your poor old dog had been shot! Thankfully not.

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  3. Lying on your back with camera close to face might stop that shake but enjoys bird and call. Love your flowers and shot of pup with tongue out and video. He certainly is getting big now. Have a great weekend

  4. Hello Jo, I love the Fiscal Flycacher and its pretty sound. Your flowers are looking beautiful, happy spring! Cute video of Skabenga and the cows. He is loosing that puppy look and is looking more like a grown dog. He is still adorable. Great post, video and photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend!

  5. I LOVE the video of the cows and the barking Skabinga. so sharp and clear and i would love to stand there. the one cow looked like he/she wa wondering what is that noise. cute little lady bird. i was expecting a BIRD on his back and was shocked to see what i call a lady bug.. i had this image of a bird sitting on his back. cute... love the flower pics to and all your critters made me smile

  6. Birds, frogs, cows, dogs -- the perfect post with a lady bug, too. Pretty flowers. Fun post.

  7. How fun, I enjoyed every photo!

  8. Nice set of critters, and your flowers are beautiful.

  9. I am happy to see yet jealous of your beautiful summer blooms as fall turns to winter.


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