Wednesday, September 23, 2015

More birds from Kwa-Zulu Natal

I've dug back a week or two and am now posting more of the beautiful birding trip I enjoyed with my SIL Shelley and birder friend, Don. Please click here if you missed my post. 
Hottentot Teal

The Hottentot Teal is the smallest duck in the region. The blue-grey bill, dark crown and small size is diagnostic. The female (although similar to the male) has a slightly lighter/browner crown and in flight, trailing edges to secondaries are white. The bird above is a male.
African Sacred Ibis (Juvenile)

The juvenile African Sacred Ibis has a bare head and a spares feathered neck. I managed to snap this bird several times from a great distance. When I downloaded the photos I chose this one to share. I hope you can see it clearly enough!
At least when it lifted its head, I was able to snap it almost completely
Southern Pochard (Female)

The Southern Pochard male has a dark brown head and upper parts, with a red eye and pale blue-grey bill (with black nail). However, today I'm posting the Southern Pochard female which plumage is overall paler with a whitish crescent extending behind the eye. She has a brown bill and brown eye. Next week I'll post the male and the pair together.
A closer image of the Southern Pochard (female)

Close below the bird hide we photographed several small waders who feed on the shores. I was thrilled to see the Three-banded Plover.  
Three-banded Plover

This is the only plover in the region with a double black breast band. It's a common resident, mostly sedentary but undergoes large scale movements in response to water levels. 
I hadn't had one of these in my viewfinder since Mwadui days. (*sigh* how I miss Africa!)

I hope you've enjoyed my bird post today. I certainly enjoyed posting the photos and writing about the birds. For more beautiful bird images please join Stewart Monkton's Wild Bird Wednesday Meme here


  1. A wonderful selection of birds in this post most I have never seen (yet)

  2. Hello Jo, awesome birds, I love the ducks and the Plover is so cute! Wonderful series of photos. Enjoy your day!

  3. love the plovers orange eyes... these are all great finds and great shots to

  4. Great bird photos! Amazing long curved bill on the Ibis!
    And we both have Plovers on our blogs today.

  5. What wonderful pictures and great photographer. I have trouble getting the best photo. It is fun to keep trying.

  6. how pretty. i like the cute ducks, too.


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