Monday, September 7, 2015

Weekend 6 September

Yesterday Skabenga gave us a real good show in plodging in his deep bowl. I managed to video him through the dining room window.
Skabenga has learnt what his bowl is for
Later, we walked to the golf course with the dogs

Sorry about the shakiness in the beginning; I was opening the window with the other hand! 

Eddy runs free - there's so much energy in that old dog! 
On the golf course (yes, it's still brown!) Rina took Skabenga's lead and ran with him. Last night Rinawas so stiff, she couldn't walk! 
Walking back past the house with the eclectic mix of junk garden ornaments, the lights suddenly flashed and I could get a photo
The old dog guarding this property lay on the step watching us pass by 

Eddie dashed onto the veranda of this house, lapped up water from this dog's bowl, then bounded over him back into the street! 
The next property along the road, one of the three dogs stuck its head through the bars to get a better look at us
This is the warning on our garden gate! 

In direct contrast to the video below! 

May you all have a great week ahead. 


  1. Ah, how dull life is here with no doggies!! Love your photos and videos!! Thanks for sharing!! Have a great new week!!

  2. I think Skabenga is ready for a swim ! He already moves the his front paws accordingly ! We should put Skabenga and Arthur together for a snoring concert ! My goodness what a noise coming out of that little dog ! lol !

  3. Thats so funny a dog snoring when he supposed to be on guard.

  4. Loved the videos Jo. I don't know whether you know but you can easily cut tht first shaky bit out o the video. If you don't know how and want to email me. So the pup snores!!!

  5. Hello Jo, I love all the cute doggies. They are adorable. Enjoy your new week ahead!

  6. even a guard dog must have snore time.. i love this post and smiled and laughed all the way through, even the part about getting stiff from running. if i ran i would be in hospital.. LOL... i really got a good laugh and much enjoyment of silly Skabinga in her water bowl....just so funny and when she chewed the pan i really laughed. she looks like our baby does but black not blond... wish i could hug her

  7. he's really filling out and becoming handsome!


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