Saturday, February 10, 2018

Critters and flowers

Colette, who owns a hide and African souvenirs shop two doors from me, called  me to photograph a little visitor to her potted plants. 
 A praying mantis with a line of colorful dots on its back

 She has a variety of gernaium with a white flower which has a red dot in the middle! 

Now to explain who the doggy critter is in the photos below, I have to give a bit of history. Junior, a long, low, floppy-eared dog who belongs to my neighbors, Gavin and Janine, has a vendetta against Skabenga. Ever since we moved in. For no rhyme or reason. She. Just. Does.Not.Like.Him! 

Whenever, Skabby and I go out for a walk, Junior is outside their gate waiting to attack him. She lurches herself at his heels, barking furiously,  as he's walking along. If he stops and turns around to look at her - just look at her, mind - she yelps hysterically, runs off and sits a distance away watching him. 

Yesterday, this ritual, which is repeated daily, took place again. Then the garden lady called Junior into the garden, and closed the gate. Skabenga and I proceeded on our walk. 

On our return, Skabenga as usual running ahead of me, I looked into a field and saw Junior popping up behind a bank. She'd been lying in wait to pounce on the enemy who by now had long gone.

I said: Junior, Skabenga is long gone, so you won't catch him. 

She had the grace to look embarrassed and slunk off home by another route altogether!


Junior, waiting to way lay the enemy! 

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  1. Hello, wonderful photos of the Praying Mantis. I never see them here! The flowers are so pretty. I am looking forward to spring. That is weird about Junior not liking Skabenga. I am sure your dog is a sweetie and loves everyone. Thanks so much for linking up your post and for your visit and comment. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  2. Junior looks like a beagle to me and is beautiful. isn't that odd that she took a dislike to Skabenga.. i am now wondering why.. i am glad they don't fight and that Jr runs by just a look.

  3. Beautiful macro shots of the praying mantis and adorable doggie!

    Happy Weekend to you,
    A ShutterBug Explores,
    aka (A Creative Harbor)

  4. Awww, Junior's a cutie!

    I imagine in the world of dogs there are the same things as humans- some just can't get along with a particular other one.

  5. Junior sure looks fierce! heehee! How precious. Makes me wish I had a dog just like that! Happy weekend!

  6. Wow! I guess dogs have characteristics like many people, lol. Poor Skabby. I hope this 'girl' settles down soon so he can walk/run without being anxious.


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