Monday, February 12, 2018

Parkrun update

For my regular readers, you'll know that I returned to Parkrun on 16 December 2017.I did three volunteering stints in memory of Grant who had been a regular sweeper at this local event. 

Then on 6 January 2018, I started to take part in the 5km walk again. I had my camera with me. I finished 49 minutes. The next run I finished at 47 minutes. The third time in January Ant caught up with me after 2km and then we met up with a Parkrunner from the South Coast. We ended up chatting faster than we were walking and I finished after Ant and my new friend at 55 minutes. Two weeks ago I really set my mind to improving my time and arrived at the finish with 50minutes and 51 seconds to my name! 

This week past, I had a dull headache. I decided to jog and walk and see if it helped to get rid of the pain. Just before the start, John and five of our precious grandchildren arrived. While I was panting along on the first 500 meter, my speedy grandson, Elijah passed me calling hello Granny. Then came John but he had his head down and didn't see me. After him came oldest Hedges grandson, Joshua who passed me with Hello Grandma. I wheezed hello in reply and slowed to a walk. Soon Eryn, pushing Israel and Keren in the double buggy, caught up with me. We kept up a steady pace and then Eryn broke into a run, motivating me to put a pace on it again. 

By now we'd passed the 2km mark, ascended the slight  incline up onto the first dam wall and Eryn slowed down to talk to a friend who was walking her Toy Pom. I passed these two young ladies and also slowed to a walk. At 3km, the heat of the day was really beating down on us. I couldn't imagine that I'd complete the 5km. Then suddenly I was on the second dam wall and the breeze from the water made things much easier. On the last 200m I tried to jog again but without much success. 

Passing the clock-in volunteer at the finish, I asked my time: he glanced at his clock and said 47 minutes. I stopped with John who was resting on the paving with the two young lads. John had finished second at 21 minutes. Elijah 23 minutes and Joshua just behind him.

Later after opening the shop I set up my laptop. An e-mail came through with the Parkrun results. Imagine my delight when I received my time as a new personal best:
43 minutes 46 seconds! 

Granny and five of the six grands at the Parkrun

And as if that wasn't exciting enough, today I was at my shop display on the veranda when a gentleman approached me. He asked where he could find a toilet. I looked up and saw it was Norman, one of our friends from Marquard. He had recognized me and being a jokester, thought he'd try and catch me out! 

A few minutes later his wife, Hester arrived and of course, it was excited exclamations and hugging each other and how are you keeping... Hester is the sister of my daughter-in-law, Amanda's father. In a community like Marquard, we considered ourselves extended family. 

We spent a good few minutes chatting and catching up.

I called my friend, Charmaine from the shop next door to come and take a photo of the three of us. 
Norman, me and Hester



  1. love your dress in the last pic and that is great of all 3 of you. i bet you were totally surprised. congratulations on your new best time, you go girl. Happy Birthday and you sure don't look like a granny in the pic with your grands.

  2. Well done Jo! How wonderful to have your son and grandchildren join you in the Parkrun even if they didn't all know it, lol. You are looking fantastic. I love your dress. It's great you had some visitors from Marquard.

  3. Hello, Jo! Your times sounds pretty good to me. It is nice the whole family participated in the parkrun. Love the family photo. Enjoy your day! Happy Birthday to you!

  4. Congrats on your new personal best! Now you will have to set a new goal for yourself. :)

  5. Just love the pic of granny & her grandies! Well done on your time! Love the dress Jo - would love one like that - your sister Rose xx

  6. Oh well done Jo, that was a brilliant time, you must have been well chuffed! And a super surprise catching up with old friends.. an excellent day all round idI say 😀
    P.s. gorgeous grandchildren, bet they were proud of you!

  7. Belated Happy Birthday wishes to you! I also recently celebrated a birthday but wasn't adventurous enough to go on a run, instead I walked on the treadmill in the gym. How nice too that you had surprise family and friend visits! Thanks too for visiting our blog and posting a comment and welcome.

  8. What a happpy meeing and well done on the run


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