Thursday, February 1, 2018

My view before work

We've had torrents of rain in the Valley and surrounds. Everything is washed, clean and looking lush. It takes me an age to get to work in the morning as I stop frequently to take photos. (I know I'm a woman, but I only stop where it's safe to do so!)

This morning I needed fuel for my little car and drove the 5km extra to the little supermarket which supplies the community with fuel as well. 

First I popped into the holiday resort just beyond the shop to check if there was any mail for me. 

There wasn't but I had a chat with the receptionist Elize and afterwards took photos outside. 

 Dragon Peaks Resort

 These thatched buildings in the middle of the dam, are used for weddings, church services and other functions. We had Grant's service here two months ago. A beautiful setting....
  How peaceful a scene can you get?

 Serving tables in the restaurant garden
My car (the white one) and that of the proprietress are the only vehicles outside the shop this early morning !
 The Oaks Supermarket

The single pump which supplies the Valley residents and its visitors with fuel! You hveen't experienced a fuel station jam until there are five vehicles waiting here to be served!  

After the "stress" of shopping and refueling before work, I arrived at work. After opening and setting up my display on the veranda, I help kitty sit this cutey below...

 Here's wishing you all a wonderful a Thursday as I'm having.


  1. that view of Dragons Peak resort, number 4 photo is absolutely spectacular. the peaks are amazing and i don't know how you drive to and from work without running off the road from admiring the views. your lonely pump i can see a back up with just one pump. our stations here have 8 pumps at the smaller ones and 20 plus at the larger one and there is a station on every street, sometimes in a mile there are 4 or 5 stations. i much prefer your view with the single pump.

  2. Hello Jo, your views on the way to work are just gorgeous. Love the mountains. The resort is very pretty, looks like a beautiful location. Love the cute kitty! Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  3. Beautiful photo and they make me homesick. Glad you have had some much needed rain. Have a good day Diane

  4. A magnificent landscape, and of course the kitty is irresistible.

  5. I love how lush and green it is. xx

  6. Stunning views - they bring back happy memories of my visit to South Africa in 2008.


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