Sunday, February 11, 2018

Hedges kitties care for Mum

Hello Bozo and Mum's blog readers; this is Ambrose and I'm here to tell you how good we kitties were when Mum was ill.. She returned from a F A R place where she says she works early in the day. We kitties were still resting on the furniture but being very good as we always are! 

She said she had a GRIMAINE and was going to rest on the bed for a bit. 

What's a GRIMAINE Unca Shadow?



That means (Unca Shadow told me quietly) that Mum has a terrible pain in her head and has to rest.

Well, she rested  and I slept on the edge of her bed, lying very quiet. 

Later she got up and filled our kitty bowls with our favorite kibbles and Skabenga got a meaty bone. She had her own strange food and then she went to bed. This morning she looked a lot better and we think the head pain has gone.  And that makes us glad! 
 Aunty Chappie loves Mum's desk
 Dad Ginger chilling between the sofa and the food bowls
 Unca Shadow doesn't move far from  the inside of the house since the dogs chased him!
 I rest in the middle of the floor ...
 ...or on top of Mum's high cupboard......
 ... or back on the floor! Mum says she loves my eyes! 

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  1. All of you sweet kitties are looking super duper cute and I'm so glad you were quiet while mom had her headache and I'm glad that it went away overnight.

  2. Hope that you are feeling better. I used to get terrible migraines but thankfully (touch wood) I appear to have outgrown them. Take care Diane

  3. All of you are good company for her.

    I've never had migraines- only sinus headaches and regular headaches.

  4. What wonderful and purrfect kitties you are making sure that your mom recuperates from her headache.


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