Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Juvenile Common Fiscal meets Kitty

Today's post is different from the norm. My teenage granddaughter, Eryn rescued a juvenile Common Fiscal and is hand rearing it until it's old enough to fend for itself. Rosie, who is highly responsible especially with animals,  is house sitting for John and Debbie while they and the family holiday in Mozambique. 

Many of my blog friends know the little kitten we have on the veranda at work. Yesterday Rosie and Emily (a friend who stables her horse on Debbie's farm), brought Baby the juvenile fiscal to meet the our Kitty.

The result was most unexpected: at first she was confused as to what this chirping feather-ball was. Then she became suspicious and in the end she decided she was terrified of this bird. (See video)  

The baby bird is taken along wherever Rosie goes and has become quite a well-traveled bird here in the Valley!

PLEASE NOTE: I stress: At no point at all was the baby bird in any danger. Both these creatures are still small and trusting and while the bird seemed interested in the other "birdie", the kitten was very afraid and tries to get away from the "danger" (see video as I said above!) 

Tinkerbelle, our kitten on the veranda relaxes in the garden minutes before the bird arrived
Rosie with Tinks on her right shoulder and the baby bird on her left
Get me outta here says kitty!

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  1. so sweet, she really was terrified by the bird. hope it did not traumatize her . since i suffered all my life from bird fear, i felt for her.

  2. New best friends, well almost! Cute video, Jo, thanks for sharing.

  3. Just wait until Ambrose finds out about THIS!!!


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