Monday, February 9, 2009

A Gift from East Africa!

The colourful kanga and cowbone items from my dear friend, Lynda

I know, I know! It’s almost the middle of February and I’m still posting about Christmas gifts. I have an excuse. The gift from my dear friend Lynda, was brought from East Africa by Lynda’s mum, Jean who posted it to me locally.(Thanks Jean!) While I received it a month ago already, (and thanked Lynda privately for it) having travelled around South Africa, I realised how unique these items from Kenya are.

I received a beautiful kanga, which is a traditional Swahili piece of cloth that can be worn as a beach wrap (sarong-style) or used as a tablecloth. It is printed with a Swahili proverb: “Zawadi ni ukumbusho wa mahaba” (I’m sure Lynda will translate for us;) She also gave me a cute little salt pot and teeny teaspoon, a holder with toothpicks and a small wooden bowl. The toothpick holder and salt pot are made from cow bone, stained black/white using the Batik method; quite unique and most unusual. All these items were designed and made in Kenya.

Once again Lynda, a big THANK YOU!


  1. Jo, I'm so glad that you like the gift ! Re. the words printed on the Kanga - a "Zawadi" is a gift and "Ukumbusho" is a souvenir and "mahaba" is a term for love. It is saying, loosely translated, that this souvenir (kanga) is a gift of love to you !

  2. Oh Lynda, that is SO beautiful and clever to have it on a gift such as this beautiful kanga. I will remember it. I'm sure to be asked when people see it. Hugs Joxxx


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