Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Shasa, the first day in the garden, stalking a leaf!

Today would have been Shasa’s seventh birthday. Shasa, a purebred Rottweiler was my companion and guard dog from March 2002 when I bought him from a reputable kennels upcountry. Contrary to the doomsayers, he was always gentle with our grandchildren as long as I was there to supervise.

Shasa at six weeks. He was the most adorable pup

Allready overflowing the carrycot I'd bought for him

Playing and eating is exhausting for a Rottweiler puppy

Shasa was well-trained and totally obedient to my commands

Shasa in his prime
Shasa, like all my pets, had the run of the garden

Shasa was always at our feet, nearest me

One fateful day in July last year, the whole family was out on the patio. Shasa was playing with his favourite toy, a motorbike tyre. I walked indoors to wash my hands and didn’t notice my [then] five-year-old granddaughter, crawling around on all fours. Within seconds Shasa had dropped his tyre, gone for her and gripped her on the back of her neck. My son managed to pull Shasa off the child, and although he had pierced the skin on her neck and she was hysterical with shock, at least a far worse tragedy had been avoided.

However, while they took the little girl to the doctor, I loaded Shasa into the back of my pick-up. I’d arranged telephonically for my vet to be at his surgery (all this happened on Sunday afternoon) and drove the 34km/21 miles with Shasa in the back of my vehicle. The poor dog was blissfully unaware of his final destination; he simply loved a ride and this one, according to his doggy mind was completely unscheduled!

Shasa with his favourite toy: a motorbike tyre

Danie is my “dogs’ and younger cats’ vet” while my elderly cats go to a lady vet in another town (see Pudding visits the vet). Danie was very compassionate. I held Shasa while Danie gave him a tranquiliser because he'd became totally stressed in the surgery. Then I sat on the floor with Shasa’s head on my lap as he calmed down. I couldn't hold back the tears as I stroked his head and velvety ears while Danie administered euthanasia. As my beloved Shasa went to sank into eternal rest, I told him he’s crossing Rainbow Bridge and that he’d soon see Gran (my mum whom I miss very much especially at sad times like this) and Mandu, my West African cat who died in April 2007.

Shasa always became so excited when it was "walkies", that he'd pick up his own leash and run up the driveway to the gate!

Shasa was a beautiful specimen of a dog; he was faithful; he was alert; he was my friend and I miss him terribly.

Rest In Peace my darling Shasa.

This is the last photo I have of my precious Shasa


  1. Jo, you had me crying as I read this post. You know how sad I was at the time when you had to let your darling Shasa go - but you know that this was the right thing, & that he's happily playing at the Rainbow Bridge (with Mandu,& all the others !), waiting for you when you one day join them all again ....
    (((BIG HUGS TO YOU)))

  2. Thanks Lynda, as you know I'm feeling teary today and you've (once again!) been there for me. Thank you, my dearest animal-loving, kind friend. Hugs Jo

  3. Hi Jo, I am so sorry you lost your faithful pet but it was the right decision to make and you did not shirk from that terrible responsibility.
    Best wishes

  4. Jo, you had me all teared up as well. I'm so sorry for your loss. Just from the few pictures on this post, even I can tell that Shasa was a true character. Here's a huge hug for you!!!

  5. you did the right thing, but I know it broke your heart and still does..


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