Friday, February 20, 2009

A Beautiful Gift

An original painting by young artist in town

My birthday gift has pride of place in my kitchen

At the beginning of December I attended the bridal shower of my friend, Rinette’s daughter, Doret. She is a talented young artist and the party doubled as her first art exhibition. I sat and chatted to the other guests and had no intention of buying art. When everyone began to leave, my friend asked me to phone my husband to come and have a cup of coffee. (We all know each other very well and my husband was also invited to the shower/exhibition but he said under no circumstances will he go and sit amongst women and drink tea!)

However, I managed to convince him that only Rinette, the bride-to-be and I remained at the venue. He came down and after pouring him a cup of his favourite beverage - filter coffee - Rinette proceeded to show him the paintings. Within minutes he called me and asked whether I’d like one of them. I had surreptitiously been eyeing a long painting of a teapot, cups emitting steam and a jug and sugar basin. It was a most unusual painting, especially the shape but I didn’t like the colours.

I joined them and when we arrived in front of the painting, I told Doret, that if I bought it, I’d want to hang it in my kitchen but it didn’t suit my colour scheme. She promptly offered to paint it in the colours of my choice (eggplant/aubergine) and my darling hubby immediately booked it for my birthday.

We were away over my birthday weekend so my husband fetched the painting from Rinette yesterday. It has a light-coloured wooden frame and as I didn’t want it varnished, he sanded it and polished it with teak oil.

It’s a really beautiful gift; one I can enjoy while in my kitchen and office.


  1. What a lovely painting. That would look great in my house!
    Happy Birthday again.

  2. It is a stunning painting, Jo and I love the natural look wood frame, that young lady has talent.

  3. Thanks Dedene. I've had quite a few visitors saying they'd love it too. Hugs Jo

  4. I agree, Peggy. My younger dil told me today that this young woman's [new!] husband works with wood. I think it's his business - carpentry. So he makes her frames. I think it's wonderful that a young couple work together like this. Thanks for popping by. Hugs Jo

  5. It's beautiful, Jo & goes perfectly in your kitchen - I also love the wooden frame !

  6. Thanks Lynda, I have the pleasure of enjoying it while I'm in the kitchen and sitting at my desk at the same time, because of the open-plan arrangement! Thanks for popping in Hugs Jo


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