Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Time to Love...

Valentines Day, 14th February...

Who can ignore the romance, glitter and glamour that this day conjures up. This week, magazines, advertisers and websites are buzzing with romantic tips and gift ideas for men and women. One mens' magazine even had an article on what NOT to give a woman. Did you know that unless the women is the fluffy, cuddly type, that fluffy, cuddly toys are a no-no? And did you know that giving red roses are no longer the romantic thing to do? Pink is the new red! So give a bouquet of pink blooms (yes, roses as well) instead. (BTW these opinions are not necessarily those of the the blogger)

As I browsed through cyberspace and periodical pages, I decided to look for the best tip (to my mind) to post about.

Here it is...

Use Valentine’s Day to share with your children your feelings about one another as a couple.

Share how you two met, how you could not be without that person and how much they mean to you. Although this may seem cheesy, remember that your relationship with your spouse is the most important role model for love and marriage for your children as they grow up. They will imitate you so if you set a good example in your relationship, they are bound to make successful relationship decisions themselves.

Sign seen in a bookshop:

The best gift a father can give his children is to love their mother.


  1. Another lovely post, Jo & how wonderful to share the reason/meaning of your love for your husband/wife with your children on this day. I don't think that there's any better gift for a child than knowing that their parents love one another & are a rock solid foundation for that child & will always be there for him/her. When we exchanged cards (& I also got flowers !) this morning, our little girl wanted to know where her card was, so we explained that today is a day when Mummy's & Daddy's celebrate their love for each other & that if it weren't for our love, we wouldn't have the most wonderful gift of all - her ! So your post & that quote really meant alot to me today :)

  2. Yes Lynda! You hit the nail on the head. That is exactly what I tried to put into words by this post and you have done it so clearly for me Thanks! Believe it or not, I never received anything: Card, chocs, flowers... I never expect anything though because my dh and I have birthdays three days apart (his is tomorrow,16th) and we normally share all three celebrations with each other / family and which covers all events. Quite handy. We've just returned from spending Friday with my MIL and her husband, and the weekend with my son, dil and grandchildren. Thanks for your comment which strengthened my post! Hugs Jo xxx


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