Saturday, February 21, 2009

Meet Eddy

Eddy, a purebred Wire Haired Terrier

Eddy has been part of my family for the past six years. She belongs to my older son and daughter-in-law and since she was a puppy, Eddy has been coming to my house with them. She knows my dogs and gets on well with them. In fact, when my son and d.i.l. left Marquard at the end of 2003 (they had bought a house in Durban, and wanted to live in it rather than rent it out), Eddy just wouldn't get into the car when they were leaving. She stayed beside me and she remained here with me until her owners came back to Marquard early in 2005. (They discovered that the cost of living was horrific in the city, sold their home and bought a lovely old house here in town)

While they lived in Marquard, Eddy would often run up the street and stand at my gate waiting to be let in. She’d come in and visit, play with the other dogs, have a snack and then stand at the gate again, waiting to be let out so that she could go home! You see, Eddy was bought as a purebred Jack Russell Terrier who turned out to be a purebred Wire Haired Terrier. Terriers have no fear of being in the street and Eddy is no exception; in fact she is the most streetwise dog I have ever come across.

Eddie and Angie have been firm friends from the first day

No sign of doggy depression here!

Instead, the epitome of canine confidence
Five months ago, my son and d.i.l. sold their home, stored their furniture, and moved back to Kwa Zulu Natal to attend a discipleship course at Y-WAM. Eddy went along with them. Within a week my Debbie (my daughter-in-law) noticed that Eddy was struggling to hold her own among the other dogs on the farm. There were nine of them, all Jack Russell Terriers and they all bullied her.

On their last visit to us at the beginning of February, my son brought Eddy with them. By the end of the weekend when they were ready to leave, Eddy had settled in so well here in my yard, that we told my son to leave her here. Debbie was very relieved; she reckoned that Eddy was becoming depressed on the farm. I can believe that. Imagine not fitting in; your family (owners) are working so hard and are so busy they don't have time for their own recreation, let alone for you. On top of it all, the other canines gang up and terrorise you. I would also become depressed...

Well, Eddy has reverted to her old cheerful self here in “Doggy Heaven” as my dear old neighbour calls my home. Eddy has been dewormed, tick repellant has been applied; she is well and gaining weight. She and Megan immediately became re-acquainted. And of course, she and Angie are the best of friends. Initially the cats were a little wary of her, (Pu-leeze, they’ve only JUST gotten used to Angie!) but at last, everyone is living together peacefully in my garden...


  1. Jo, I had a wire-haired terrier for years when I was a teenager. He was great, but always thought he was bigger than he was. He'd attack large dogs who came into our yard.
    Eddy is a darling. Glad she's found a good home.

  2. Yes Dedene, Eddy has the same attitude. The family thought she may be afraid of Angie but forgot that she was used a Rottweiler, their dearly departed Baloo. She is really a blessing to the household. Thanks for popping in.(I'm off to go on your village tour;) Hugs Jo


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