Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Off again!

By the time this post is aired, we will be on our way to Johannesburg to catch the Ethiopian flight back to Khartoum.

I do apologize to alll who have visited and commented on my blog even though I've not responded. I won't be logging on tomorrow (Wednesday) as we first have to go buy our Sudenese broadband for the next three months.

Bless you all until I do get up and running in North Africa again.

PS Yes, diane, I do have a motorbike (much smaller than Grant's) and I can ride it, but not out on the open road. I make a much better pillion than a rider!


  1. The pets must be missing you already. Hope your trip is safe and as painless as possible.

  2. Oh My----I had no idea that your holiday is over.... That certainly passed by quickly, Jo. But--I'm sure you had a wonderful time...

    Prayers for a safe journey back north.

  3. No need to apologize... You have a full life and are very busy...
    Take care and God bless! Have a good flight!

  4. Travel Happy!!Hahaaaa....You're just Fine! Enjoy yourselves girl!
    LOVE that sidewalk!! The design...

  5. The pets don't look too concerned in the photo..hee hee. Have a safe trip back.

  6. I understand completely, Jo--you have a very full life! Your pets look very relaxed and content there in the sand. Have a safe trip back to Sudan.

  7. enjoy your holiday, journey mercies.


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