Saturday, August 27, 2011

Another trip to Eldoret

Earlier this week, Grant, Borrie (mining manager) and I had to visit Immigrations at Home Affairs in Eldoret. I've just received my Dependant's status after six months of red tape; the men are here on work permit status but all three of us had to have other registeration finalized. 

Of course, driving to Eldoret always means a trip up the 24 km, rutted, windy mountain road with 24 hairpin bends! Of course, this also means that, lining the road, is thick bush filled with many species of birds. At the top, just before we join the tarred road, we pass the really big trees which have fortunately not yet felt the blow of the panga (long-bladed woodcutting knife). And when we reach these trees, we always see these specials of the forest: Black-and-white Colobus Monkeys and Blue Monkeys.

I uploaded this photo from my archives. Above is a Black-and-white Colobus Monkey

We spotted quite a large group of Colobus Monkeys first. As Borries had never seen them and was excitedly trying to focus his big camera with an 800mm lense into the bush, I stood next to him indicating their whereabouts. I have many photos of both types of monkeys but didn't get the opportunity to snap these.

Around the next corner we spotted one Blue Monkey in a tree to the left of the vehicle. This time I managed to get a few photos.

And just a few meters ahead was another Blue monkey in a tree with white flowers. It was browsing and eating the blossoms with great relish not at all concerned at the humans below taking photos.
I can never get enough of these very specail primates and am always so grateful that I see them regularly in our part of the world

We arrived in Eldoret and at the Home Affairs only to be turned away because we didn't have original copies of certain documents. We've made an appointment to return next week so I'll have more photos of another post about ANOTHER trip to Eldoret!

On the way out of town, the men were hungry so I directed them to Oasis Milk Bar which sold very tasty,very inexpensive take-aways. While they ordered hamburgers, I strolled around the picturesque area taking photos. Grant spotted a young cat lying in the garden, but on closer inspection saw it was dead. It looked as though it had been mauled by a dog or hit by a car.

I wandered off and spotted another kitten and photographed it.

A beautiful young kitten, the same size as our Ambrose and very obviously part of the litter the poor unfornate [dead] kitten belonged to. This one is still alive and well, and  in good conditioner, but for how long, I wonder?

Just after I snapped this kitten, he walked out into the main road beyond. For those readers who may think I'm overprotective of Ambrose, I'm not too keen on him being hit by one of the lorries which drive up the main road, outside camp  home or worse, being mauled by local dogs which prowl around the perimeters of our camp and whose footprints I've seen on in my garden recently!

Stanley asked us to look for a cell-phone casing as his screen was cracked. We found that the casings were so expensive and bought him a new phone instead

As it's rained regularly for the past three months, and the lane behind our house is always muddy, I've not been able always go out on my short run in the afternoon. Grant suggested we look at a mini-trampoline as a form of indoor exercise. One of the reasons I like to keep active, is to avoid, what is known as Twitchy Legs in bed at night. The formal name for this condition is Restless Legs Syndrome. When I arrived at the sports shop in Ya-ya centre while in Nairobi, I saw they had a sale. I spotted the trampoline I liked and it was marked down by 30%. I 'm enjoying this different form of exercise immensely and like the fact that there much less shock on my joints compared to running along a stony, rutted road. I also have no more Twitchy Legs at night. Bliss!
Ambrose kindly posed on the trampoline while I took the photo

I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend.


  1. Wonderful post, JO! Too bad you are having to return to Eldoret yet again to immigration though one finds red tape around the world over whenever dealing with government it seems. I hope you get it all sorted out in your next visit.

    I too kept a close eye on my cat when she was alive. There are too many dangers here including possibly of them being eaten by coyotes that live in the city. I only ever saw a coyote once at night here but they do come out and prowl and scavenge.

    I like the trampoline. We call these small ones rebounders here. I'd like one myself due to joint issues but haven't invested in one yet. You did well to get it on sale.
    I'm sure Stanley very much appreciated you getting him a new phone. Blessings. xx

  2. Ambrose is so cute on the trampoline, Jo.
    I was halfway convinced you would take home the grey kitten, too. I know it must have been very hard for you to see him go onto the road after his sibling had been killed.
    Lindy is lying here beside me, snoring, while I sort through our Russian pictures and catch up on my comments after our latest voyage.
    Hi to Grant and the cats.
    Luv — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  3. A mini trampoline is a great way to excerzsise. Bought one for myself a couple of months ago.

  4. Kind of a drag to have to return with more papers but will give an opportunity to see more of those adorable monkeys. Trampoline sounds like fun.

  5. Red tape bureaucracy reigns supreme the world over. I have quite a few friends with restless legs syndrome. It sounds an awful affliction, I hope I never get it. I'm glad you have found a remedy.

  6. Ohhhh...poor little kitty. I hate that!
    Y'all are SO Sweet Jo! I know Stanley will love the phone.
    And I'd bounce Right off that trampoline!Hahahaaa
    Happy weekend!

  7. Another super post, Jo. You turn all events into an adventure. And just you keep on being over-protective of Ambrose!

    Bet Stanley was delighted with his new cellphone :)

    Happy trampolining :) So, restless legs syndrome is due to insufficient exercise? OK! My legs have been trying to tell me this for some time, then, but I wasn't listening. Now I know...thank you, Jo!

  8. Hi Jo,

    Thank you for your kind comment on my blog! What an interesting life you lead in Kenia. The wildlife must be simply fantastic. Especially for a citygirl like me!

    Happy weekend,


  9. So sorry, Jo. Oh, the pain and agony of all the delays associated with getting through with immigration! It reminded me of clearing my new (well, new at that time-1989) Kenwood TS40 Radio Transceiver. One of the people let me take it home one day - but kept my FAX machine for "further inspection". About two weeks later they called that I could come and collect my radio by paying the tax on it. No tax on the FAX machine - but tax on the radio. I said, O.K., picked up the FAX and told them to just forget about the radio. They never did figure out that I had already cleared it and taken it out of the bond. One wanted to keep the owner's manual because it was TOO technical! Yes, I did finally get the radio license to go with it and operated from there as 5Z4FR.


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