Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More cat escapades in the Valley

Yesterday morning while out in the garden with the cats, I kept a beady eye on Ambrose who dashes about and disappears from sight within a nano-second. While I watched, he raced up the baobab tree and climbed higher and higher.

Before I could do anything (don't know what I thought I could do!), he'd scaled the tree trunk, got onto  a high branch and sat there. No amount of coaxing him would make him budge.

I called Stanley who kindly climbed up the other side of the tree. He said he'd grab Ambrose and bring him down.

Above Ambrose is actually climbing UP the tree

What would I do without Stanley?

As often happens when you climb up a tree after a cat, the cat comes down!

After this shot, Ambrose fell less than a meter to the ground below and landed on his feet. I was there to scoop him up and...

...banish him to his room!

After Ambrose' tree-climbing episode, Shadow and I spent some quality time in the garden

A while later, Stanley and I walked to Chebutie shop a few hundred meters below the camp entrance. I wanted to buy airtime for my cell phone. I have a contract phone when in South Africa but here in the valley, I use the Pay-as-you-go system.
Stanley does the transaction for me

Customers wait while Stanley finishes at the counter. Note the lady on the left texting on her  phone. Cell phones are so much part of life today and no less here in a remote valley in Kenya
This little girl's mum told me she's three years old

Walking back up the hill to the camp chatting to Stanley and taking photos. What a way to start the week!

Back home we collected shrubs we've been nurturing to take up to Sue's house.
Stanley in the lane leading to Sue's house. The Guest House is just visible on the right

On the way back to our lane, we heard a parrot. Here Stanley, who's excellent at spotting birds, tries to find the bird in the tree. It had already flown off


  1. Hi Jo, Stanley is a 'keeper' isn't he???? He's truly a great help to you... You and your cats---that could be a new book!!!!!! ha

    Glad you got some cellphone minutes... Nice walk.

  2. Oh my, Stanley is good at climbing trees, and it seems good at a lot of things. The episode with Ambrose was funny and when you banished him to his room it looks like he is really glum. I hope that teaches him a lesson.

  3. Such wonderful people around you. You are truly blessed Jo.

  4. It is good that the people there do have access to technology.It is a shame other areas of their day to day life are not more modern.
    The walk back is very picturesque.

  5. Poor Ambrose, glad he finally arrived down safely on his feet :-) Diane

  6. Jo, I'm so glad that Kenya now has cellphones. In my day ('89-'98) they were very rare. We bought e-mail through MAF and it took two to five days to get a message through to HQ and back. LoL. I'm glad you have Stanley. We had a handy office/house man who proved invaluable to our work, so I know what a blessing that is.

  7. Glad Ambrose landed safely. And so good of Stanley to climb that tree. So enjoyed the narrative and pics!

  8. The comments seem to be off on the post with Grant's photos. I just wanted to say they are very nice!

  9. Your bird post has no comment section. I have no idea what blogger is doing.

    Glorious pictures of the bee-eaters. I hope he took lots more as well.

  10. This truly is a scene right out of Africa! Stanley will miss you when you leave, Jo.


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