Monday, August 8, 2011

Weekend on Island Camp, Lake Baringo

As mentioned in Saturday's post, we spent the weekend on Island Camp, Lake Baringo. The 20km gravel road from the mine to the main road is very rutted and always slow-going. Fifty minutes after leaving home, we turned onto the tar and stopped for padkos, South African "road food" which consisted of savoury sandwiches and coffee.

Along the main road between Eldoret and Karbanet, a well-maintained tarred road takes you up a sweeping pass . Breathtaking views of Africa stretching out as far as the eye can see

After a 4km boat ride across Lake Baringo, we arrived at Island Camp.  (Note Sue taking a photo of me taking a photo!)
The landing jetty at Island Camp

While the men were hard at work, Sue, Ruth and I wandered around the camp photographing birds, nests, lizards, the beautiful scenery and each other! I took 474 photos. I'm not sure how many Sue and Ruth took on their respective cameras, probably more than I did! One bird we spotted on Saturday afternoon was a lifer for me: the Eastern Violet-backed Sunbird which is endemic to East Africa . It was only visible from a top terrace down onto the aloes where the male and female were flitting about and very difficult to photograph.  

Eastern Violet-backed Sunbird with its bill in the aloe bloom

Eastern Violet-backed Sunbird male and female in the aloe garden 
Sue'd brought along a pack of playing cards. That evening while waiting for dinner, we convinced Grant and Johan to join us in a couple of games of Rummy. Amid much hilarity, Nico was appointed referee

Dinner was served next to the pool and was delicious

This morning I'm on my way to Eldoret with Sue and Ruth. We're going to buy furniture and crockery for the office canteen. More about our weekend in tomorrow's post.

Thanks to all who've visited my blog this weekend and for the e-mails received. I'll be back soon to visit your blogs and reply to mails.


  1. I'm sure glad you are having an active and happy social life there at "the back of beyond" as my mother would have said. When I first read about that road up to the mine, I thought of roads in British Columbia when I was young, winding mountain roads that seemed to lead nowhere until you got there!
    Lucky for you to see the violet-backed sunbird but too bad they were so far away.
    Hugs to Shadow and Ginger and the baby from Auntie Kay. (The eyes on that little one are amazing!)
    Luv — K

    Kay, Alberta, Canada
    An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

  2. I love all the photos and travels you share with us!

  3. So far a great trip and a beautiful lifer.

  4. This looks like such a great experience! Love the South African's essential!

  5. Love your little trips Jo!!!

  6. Jo, sorry to let you know that I never made it to Lake Baringo. Next trip I make to Eldoret, I will just have to include that place. It's beautiful. Most of my trips were to the Mara to one of the many tented camps. Looks and sounds as if Baringo offers quality fun.

  7. love the scenery! Stunning photos!

  8. This looks like so much fun, Jo, especially sharing the adventure with friends/coworkers! The violet backed sunbird is really gorgeious.


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