Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Weekend on Island Camp, Lake Baringo Continued

We'd arranged with management to go on a sunset cruise on the lake, ending with coctails on the Gibralta Rock behind the island. However, when we met the guide at the jetty at 5, he said a big storm was brewing and we'd have a windy and uncomfortable ride. There'd also be no sunset photos from the Rock, because of the grey, overcast sky. We postponed the trip to next morning at 7.
Thick grey clouds and ominous-looking choppy water: not conducive to an enjoyable sunset cruise!

Sunday morning dawned crisp and clear with the most glorious sunrise viewed from our tent.
Sunrise over Lake Baringo

Coffee and ginger biscuits were served on the wooden deck of our tent overlooking the lake

The dark of the night began to make way for the sun


We had visitors joining us for coffee

Incredibly beautiful

At 7, we boarded the boat for our trip around the lake
A view of on of the tented huts as seen from the lake

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  1. It's a spectacular sight from the island to the horizon. Just beautiful. I think I could spend a good few days to a week sitting on that chair looking out over the water with tea and biscuits ;-)

  2. Oh WOW---you know how much I would love that post--and I'd love that place. It looks SO romantic.... WOW.... I'm impressed... Absolutely gorgeous.

  3. Oh, how beautiful, Jo! And your captures are superb! What a glorious way to begin one's day!! Hope you have a great week!


  4. This is superb! Love the accommodations, and what a perfect sunrise greeting to the day complete with special guests.

  5. What an amazing place to visit, Jo! Wow, and wow again!

  6. what a glorious sunrise! i love seeing the birds joining you for coffee. wonderful photos.

  7. Absolutely beautiful, Jo! What a glorious setting - love your pictures!

    Love and hugs
    Rosemary xox

  8. Beautiful, Jo! You take such wonderful photos, I feel as if I'm right there with you! Thanks for sharing with us!

  9. I love the third picture from the end!

  10. A magical sunrise. It is so natural and untouched. Good for the soul.

  11. Such wonderful shots - one could never tire of such beauty.

  12. That is a fabulous sunrise you captured, Jo! What fun for all of you...the boat ride around the lake. It looks like the Disneyland Jungle ride...lol!

  13. Lovely sunrise - glad you waited for better weather. Nothing worse than being on a cruise on rough waters! Hope all is well.

  14. Absolutely glorious! What a life! I am so envious!


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