Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Birds of Kenya XIV

Yesterday morning I had a visitor in the garden that I'd not seen for the past three months.
A Northern Puffback

For the past two months I've been watching a pair of swifts (not sure which ones) at their nest in the rafters above my spare room. I can't seem to get a clear photo due to the darkness under the roof but hope you can see the bird in the mud nest. Yesterday I spotted an immature swift on the roof above the nest with one parent in close attendance.

An immature swift
Plaintively calling its parent

I love this image

As usual after market on Tuesdays, Sue and I did a spot of birding. I couldn't resist photographing this serious-looking Laughing Dove sitting in a thorn bush. Its mate was sitting on a nest almost directly below but I couldn't get a good photo through all the foliage
The Lovebirds had moved up closer to the mine. Here we watched a pair working in and around their nest (the other bird was on the wire above)

On the fence surrounding the plant, we found this Pale Flycatcher

And below on the wire, was the juvenile Pale Flycatcher. It is paler than the parent and mottled with brown and grey

Calling its parent!

Today at midday we're driving through to Nairobi. Grant has business in the city. We're staying in the Ya-Ya apartments so no problem for me to get to the shopping mall: it's downstairs!


  1. Hi Jo, I love seeing all of the birds in your area. They are so precious. Love the baby Swifts. And that Dove is so pretty--much prettier than our Mourning Doves here.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Great shots of your local birds. I love the sun shining through the swift's beak and the laughing dove is regal and beautiful.

  3. Congratulations ! your pictures are wonderful !!

  4. It constantly amazes me how many birds you have. Do you set out food for them?

  5. Jo, you have made my day! These are some of the most gorgeous, appealing pictures You've shared! Absolutely marvellous! Thank you :)

  6. hve you got more photos of other wildlife?
    anything scary?

  7. Fantastic! You will be just blocks away from where Frances and I loved for over 9 years. We lived in Kilimani between Argwings Khodek and Ngong Road and I used to walk to YaYa Center for exercise. Just a kilometer away.

    Loved the bird pictures - but I'm partial to the laughing dove! Beautiful bird and great picture of it.

  8. Great photos! You have plenty of bird life to observe around your home.

  9. I love the nesting swift and the dove and lovebird photos! We've had swallows make mud nests under our eaves and it was fun watching the baby swallows develop and eventually fly away.


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