Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Birding in Kenya XI

On Sunday morning at 7 we met our boatman, birding and wildlife guide Johnson down at the jetty.  He had a bag of fish and one of the special treats on the early morning boat ride,  was to feed the African Fish-eagle roosting on Gibraltar. First we came across a Goliath Heron, which after a few good photos at very close range, flew off across the small grassy island to land a few meters away. I managed to get it in flight.
A Goliath Heron obligingly flew off a little way and landed again. A good photo op

The African Fish-eagle watches intently as Johnson throws the fish into the water far below

The Fish-eagle swooped down, grabbed the fish and flew up into the air again. It's the black-and-white blob above and to the left of the splash in the water

Madagascar Bee-eater, a lifer for the whole group on the boat

Malachite Kingfisher

Around the next corner, we came across some geysers

While the others on our boat were waving and calling to the tourists at hot springs on one of the islands...

... I watched as a Little Egret tried to peck water or food from the very hot water. Note the yellow toes at the end of long black legs

More later about the interesting and awesome sightings we had on our two-hour boat trip around the islands on Lake Baringo.


  1. Again a nice sightseeing ! that's an advantage when you have to live abroad for a while !

  2. JO, sounds like you had a great birding outing. I love all the wonderful birds you saw. The Heron and the eagle are great. A cool sight to see it go after the fish. And I love the Bee-eater and the kingfisher. Wonderful photos, they are the best thing other than to being there myself.

  3. I like the green feathers on the bee eater.

  4. A Bee-eater, Kingfisher, Little Egret, Fish-Eagle and Goliath Heron in flight that looks like our Brolga dancing . . . wow and double WOW!!!

  5. Sounds like you had a wonderful day visiting the island in Baringo. I've watched the fish-eagle dive for fish on Lake Naivasha - from Fisherman's Camp and from Birch's Camp. Very relaxing for me.

  6. I absolutely love these trips of your, Jo! Your pictures are marvellous and you always convey the mood so beautifully through your words!

  7. Your photos of the adventures you go on are really fantastic, Jo. Thanks for the e-tour!


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