Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Early morning and late evening trips

When Grant brought home the first photos of the Dabchick with her chicks on Saturday, I asked if I could accompany him to the mine early on Sunday morning. Once he'd done his round in the pit and other inspections, we'd have to drive past the dam where the Dabchicks were.  I set the alarm and by 6.30 we were in the vehicle heading for the mine.

Of course, the early morning light was beautiful and I took a number of photographs. Then it was down into the pit where I took photos of the excavator at work.

From top left working straight down and up to top right: the excavator loads the truck with ore which is transported to the plant

Production manager, Thys and Grant chat about mining "stuff" while I photographed a raptor eating a kill just behind the vehicle. I hope to have the ID of the raptor for tomorrow's post

On Sunday night, after spending quality time with the cats in our shamba, we packed the torch, camera and headed for the mine once more. Again, Grant drove straight down into the pit where I managed to photograph the excavator at work again.

This excavator loads waste onto the trucks which is transported up the ramp to the waste site

Ironically, although there is all this activity and mining (noise, dust and vibrations) going on, there is so much wildlife near this pit. See tomorrow's post for an amazing one night's captures and sightings of animals and birds in the area.

BTW I didn't see the Dabchick's chicks on our early morning excursion. Grant took me home and collected me again at 10.30 for a mid-morning ride through the mine. That is when I photographed the Dabchicks which I posted about on Monday.

When I watch the trucks being loaded, I think back to our life on a gold mine in Guinea, West Africa. There I had the opportunity to drive one of these huge monsters. If you'd like to see this post, please click here  (should you visit this old post and click on the video at the end, you'll find yourself riding along in the big truck with me!)

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  1. You do have such a fun, busy, different life than many of us, Jo, and I always enjoy your posts! They're the next best thing to being there myself!! Thanks for sharing!! Hope your week is going well!

  2. I remember seeing that video and was absolutely amazed. Careful, or you'll get put to work on one of those big things.

  3. You know so much about birds and waterfowl! Just caught up with your beautiful pictures.

  4. Wow ! I would have loved to see that life ! Next time please take a picture of a huge diamond, lol !

  5. I am surprised to hear there could be wildlife around these big machines. Now, I can't wait to see what it is? Thanks for sharing your world. Have a happy day!

  6. I enjoyed seeing the tiles of the excavators at work. What a massive operation! And each person knows exactly what to do.


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