Sunday, May 5, 2013

Yucky medicine

Hallo Bozo and all mum's blog readers. It's Ambrose posting again today. Ginger and Shadow are sulking because of being given horrid medicine this morning; they don't want anything to do with mum! I also had the yucky medicine but have forgotten about it already. 

While we were sleeping peacefully on the day bed, mum picked Ginger up by the scruff of his neck, tipped his head back so that his mouth opened and she squirted some liquid into it. At the same time, she was telling dad that the best way to give cats worm medicine is with a syringe. And she was not using an ordinary syringe; this was an antiquated glass syringe which someone at the hospital gave her for a keepsake. (As is this made the indignity of the whole operation any easier to bear!)

Next it she had Shadow in her firm grip; and before I could scuttle off and under the bed, I got it down the throat!

Shadow looked for sympathy from dad!

Mum can't understand cat-speak but if she could, she'd hear Ginger saying: Just come near me again, and there will be trouble!

I, Ambrose just watch everything so that I can post about something interesting again next week

We three Tanzanian kitties would like to thank Sylvia for the pats she send us. We also send soft comforting purrs to her as she misses her doggie companion, Sam Schnauzer.

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  1. You are one smart cat Ambrose :) Love ya!


  2. Good on you for not making a fuss about taking medicine. If looks could kill I wouldn't like to be around Ginger for a while.

  3. Poor Ginger & Shadow, best to take that yucky medicine and get it over with. Have a happy day!

  4. Oh, dear!
    That medicine sounds awful!
    Next week I have to go see the nice ladies at the vet to get a pedicure. (I slide all over Mom's lap when she tries to do it.)

  5. Oh my goodness, Ambrose, what a trio you are. Shadow looks like he's getting plenty of sympathy from the dad. And Ginger looks very unhappy. But you have the best kind of memory of all, the kind that forgets unpleasant things and remembers happy things!
    Love and hugs, Auntie Kay and Lindy

  6. Shadow, Ginger and Ambrose, you are all beautiful due to your mum's TLC. It sounds like she has it (the giving of worm medicine) down to a science. It's for your own good.


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