Thursday, May 2, 2013

Entertaining Guests

Thanks for the many comments on my WW post of a Tree Hugger yesterday. Going through my archives I came across a collection of photos taken at the company sponsored school in Kenya where we three ladies of the valley assisted with after-school clubs. Sue helped with the art club, Sharda took the science club, I helped with the journalism club and we all gave a hand at the environmental club.

During November the school held the year-end function where progress and projects from each club were displayed for parents and sponsors (we, the company) to view. The photo of young Kenyan boy hugging the tree, was only one of a large number which I took that day. 

Back to the here and now: we had a very important guest from HO, the new general manager of our mine sites, to stay for three days. He turned out to be very humble and quietly-spoken and an absolute pleasure to have. 

On Wednesday night Grant asked me to arrange a Mongolian BBQ so that the  rest of the men on site could meet him socially and he get to know everyone better. 

As before, the Mongolian BBQ was a great hit. Even though I singled out a few men to start cooking their food, they asked me to do the first grill so that they can watch and refresh their minds again! I cooked Grant's meal of prawns, chicken strips and vegetables. Soon, one of the Serbians arrived at the grill and with the help of an Indian, they cooked their meal together. Eventually all the others were waiting their turns at the grill (only two can cook at one time - Grant intends to have another pan made so that more people can cook together.) and, like last time, it turned out to be one big sociable event

 The General Manager (in blue shirt) grills his meat while the Plant Director  (arms behind his back) looks on

Normally at our camp braais, Marnitz, bottomm left, BBQ's the meat while we all wait for our food. Here everyone enjoys cooking their own!

Grant and I have said repeatedly how successful these evenings have been. Great for company, and especially, camp morale! 

I hope  you're all having a great week.



  1. I haven't had a good get together of friends for ages. One of the drawbacks of having kids. You don't do as much for yourself as before.

  2. Oh how I miss the braii.

  3. You certainly know how to entertain men, lol ! How nice to make them cook !


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