Monday, May 20, 2013

Starting a new project

This weekend I posted about three little girls who passed my house on their way home from school. These were three of the more privileged children which I come across. However, on Saturday, instead of me and Amanda going to the pottery studio, she suggested I meet her at her home where she would teach me to make toys. I've posted about the toys Amanda makes and that we've handed out to the children in the hospital. She brings felt, buttons, glue and many accessories (buttons, ornaments, charms, ribbons, braids, glue and glitter - all safe and child-friendly) from South Africa. She buys the embroidery cotton (very tough and effective for sewing toys) here in Shinyanga it's about 75% cheaper than any she can get in SA. She also buys pillows locally which she splits open and then uses the soft inner cotton wool as stuffing.  I recycle all my empty cosmetic containers, pill boxes and plastic holders, spice tins (plastic) and anything and everything in between which I give to her. You'd be surprised what a talcum powder container or inner cardboard roll of toilet tissue, can be made into! 

I arrived at 9am and she showed me how to cut the first "teddy bear" Now I am not at all comfortable or confident with a pair of scissors and material. But I gave it my best shot.  After two hours of painstakingly sewing blanket stitch all around and stuffing the toy (which resembles nothing any human has ever seen before!) I finally finished my item. (BTW Amanda made two toys, and tea in the time which I made my one!) 

No prizes for guessing which toy I made!

Apart from the pretty bunny (center) Amanda also made a cute cat; all in the time that I produced my square "glook" !

I hope you're all having great week already.


  1. Hi Jo! I'm in Portland with my kids, but having some problems connecting!! We're having beautiful weather!! Hope your weekend has gone well!!


  2. How cute, Jo.. What a worthy project. So glad you are participating in this.. Children will love those little stuffed animals.


  3. I'm sure that square "glook" will bring a smile to someone. They all will.

  4. I have a friend who used to make dolls like these but they had all kinds of shapes. She called them "Whatchamacallits"

  5. Awwwww!! I think you did a Wonderful job on your toy!!
    Great cause to!

  6. Congratulations ! that was quiet a challenge and it came out so well !

  7. I think it is wonderful that you and your friend have made these cute dolls. It is a great cause, Jo!

  8. Glad to feel you so cheerful through this post, it must mean that you are over that regressive bout. Good. Be happy you made something that any child can invest with it's own fantasy.
    When we lived for 3 months in the backwoods of Vermont, I got a dish mop from the nearest general store, which my 6 year old son took a shine to and immediately requisitioned. "Moppy" could turn into a king or a pauper at will, and everything from prince to beggar maid. He loved it more for it's possibilities than any other toy, even his racing car set.
    Keep on making indeterminate pieces, they are the ones that morph into what the child needs at the time.

  9. Great job, Jo! You are always willing to try new things and that is something wonderful. Blessings. xx


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