Monday, May 6, 2013

They're here!

If you look carefully at my post yesterday on Weekend Reflections, you may just see what I'm going to tell you about now! Mystery? Not at all. Here is the image from yesterday:

Look closely behind the adult Dabchick's neck: there's an irregularity, a lump if you will!

See the little heads on the adult Dabchick's back? The Dabchick's chicks have arrived!

Although two heads are visible,  there are three chicks

A second adult (the other parent?) arrived but the chicks held fast to their perch on their transport. This was obviously the mother!

As we watched the Dabchick family, a likkewaan (monitor lizard) ran across the road in front of our vehicle, down the bank and slid into the water. Immediately the adult Dabchick issued a series of alarm calls. Amazing!

Then the adult shook itself, dislodged the chicks and dived under the surface. The chicks stayed in one place and as the adult appeared, they swam across to her to be fed!

Three Dabchick chicks alone in the water while mama dives for food

As mum emerges from below the water, the chicks are close by to be fed

All three the babies swim up to mum for protection

The chicks clamor for purchase on the adult Dabcick's back. I loved the prominent stripes on their heads and backs

I hope you're all having a great week already.


  1. What fun captures and post for the day, Jo!! I do love those little guys! So cute!! Glad you shared this with us today!! Have a great week!

  2. So lovely to see your Little Grebe family. I have photographed my little grebes with chicks on their back but never had the chance of seeing mum diving away under them and then feeding them. Must stay at the dam for longer next breeding season.

  3. What a great sighting. The little ones are so cute.

  4. The little ones are cute, it is adorable they ride on the parents back. Great sighting, Jo!

  5. I love how they are riding on mommy's back

  6. Very sweet pics. We made it thru all the rain. Still many roads flooded tho.

  7. The little ones are cute, fantastic photoc:) Greetings

  8. Oh, that is so cute ! Wonderful pictures !

  9. The photos of the little chicks riding on their mama's back are so cute. I've never seen baby ducks riding on their mother's back before.


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