Friday, August 23, 2013

Blue Moon

 A golden - orb moon greeted me when I went outdoors to photograph it last night

To fit the theme of my post today, I did a little photo-enhancing

There are different definitions for Blue Moon. By popular acclaim, Blue Moon refers to the second of two full moons in a single calendar month. A Blue Moon might also be the third of four full moons in a single season – a season being defined as the time period between a solstice and an equinox, or vice versa. Or, someday, you might see an actual blue-colored moon.

This month we had a  Blue Moon which fell on the night of August 20-21, 2013. It’s a Blue Moon by the seasonal definition, that is, the third of four full moons to take place in a season, in this case between the June 2013 solstice and September equinox. The last Blue Moon by this definition happened on  November 21, 2010
Every month typically has a full moon  (although sometimes February doesn’t have a full moon at all). In fact, our word for “month” comes from the word “moon.” In Swahili the word for moon and month is the same: mwezi.

Most of the time, the names for full moons coincide with particular months or seasons of the year. So whether you define a Blue Moon as the second full moon in a month – or the third full moon of four in a season – the name Blue Moon accounts for times when there are more full moons than is ordinary.

The term once in a blue moon used to mean something rare.(Source: Google) 

When I decided to photograph this "Blue Moon" last night, I went outside but the moon had not yet risen. Mr Mayunga, our night-askari told me it would soon be up. I came back indoors and half - an - hour later Mr Mayunga knocked on my screen door and said: Mama, mwezi na-kuja/ the moon has arrived! 

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Here's to a great weekend for you all.  


  1. I've said this to you before but it's so neat that you and I can look at the same moon... You are so far away--and that seems to make you feel a little closer. Hope your internet is fixed now.

  2. Awesome captures of the moon, Jo!! And it is indeed wonderful that we can all enjoy/share the same beauty wherever we live! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. Whatever you call them, I love your moons.

  4. Wonderful shots of the moon.

  5. It's gorgeous, Jo, and nice to know you have a moon-minder to remind you. We almost forgot.
    I hope everything is well with you and your family, and the cat trio, too. I got a little worried reading your comment on Penny's blog today.
    Here we are, around the world, worrying about one another. Isn't it wonderful?
    Luv, K

  6. You too had such a huge moon ? We too, I think I had never seen such a big moon, and we all slept very badly that night !

  7. Beautiful moon captures, Jo! I also did a post on the Blue Moon. Wishing you a happy weekend!

  8. Lovely pic, nice description.

  9. A full moon is always a beautiful sight, no matter it's color or month and seasonal placement.
    Your photos are lovely, Jo.
    thanks for the interesting facts about a Blue Moon.

  10. Love your Blue Moon and the explanation.
    I haven't been successful in capturing the moon with my camera.
    Well done.

  11. Nice shots of the Blue Moon. Mine were taken through the trees.

  12. very complicated, this blue moon is when the traditional Chinese believe the ghost of netherworld will come out. So if u got no chores or nothing to do, stay in the house.

  13. Your photo of the golden-hued moon looks similar to the color I snapped of it on the full moon night. I thought the golden color was because of all the smoke from the forest fires around us. Are there any brush fires going on near where you live?


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