Thursday, August 29, 2013

Children of Africa

From left: Helen (with hands on hips), Maria, (not Mary, but Maria), Hallo (he insists that's his name), Irene and Vanessa
Last week as I walked across the road from the Guest House to our house, I met these children on their way home from school. They all spoke good English and loved it when I asked them if I could take a picha and immediately posed for me. The little lass on the far left was spokeswoman for the group although all the girls answered me clearly when I asked their names. The little guy in the center was more reticent. Probably a brother of one of the girls and never getting a word in edgeways? 

On Wednesday, I visited the market and other businesses in Shinyanga for the last time before going out on leave. I always like to greet the vendors and other shop proprietors with whom I do business on a large scale for the Guest House. 

Of course, in the market you always find children being piggy-backed by their mums or those that can toddle and older, wandering around alone between the stalls. 

 A little guy whose mum runs a stall at the fruit and vegetable market in Shinyanga

I took this photo the week before while he was having chai/breakfast near his mum's stall

I've had so many interruptions this week, that I'm sorry if I've not been a regular visitor and/or commented on your posts. I spent most of this morning blog hopping and hope I've not left anyone out. The interruptions take on the form of:

1) power outages (so regular and frustrating!) 
2) off-line Wi-Fi connection (which comes on again without an explanation!)
3) no Internet access (does anyone else have this problem?
4) all of the above! 

I have SO much to post about. I've not even posted about our wonderful holiday and tour in June in South Africa and we're due to go out again! I've also had a full nine weeks back on site and would love to share those happenings on Blogger. 

Therefore I've posted about these little children today and have another post waiting in the wings before the end of the day here in East Africa. 

Here's to longevity in connections which keep us going and in contact with the rest of the world!

May you all have a great weekend.

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  1. I really need to remember to take photos of people.

    Don't feel bad I'm still posting from SA in March and the only excuse is working. ;)

    Have a great holiday.


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