Monday, August 26, 2013

Off-line, power-outages, what next?

These two phenomena are so regular in our area now, that they already sound like poor excuses for an excuse! Over the weekend, my Internet went offline. It came back again without an explanation and as you know, Ambrose got in first to do his Sunday post about their life/s of Riley in the Hedges Kitty Hotel. 

On Sunday I managed to get my banking done, I visited a few blogs and BAM! the power fails. For THREE WHOLE HOURS. Grrr.

So this post is just to let you know, I am still around, I'm still trying to post about our holiday trip way back in June, for goodness sake! And I have so much to tell you about what's happened on site these past two months since we returned from South Africa.

Meanwhile we spent a good hour birding and while the bird, a weaver, is quite common, I loved the fact that the tree had sprouted beautiful blooms. Yippee. The first since of spring.

Here's wishing you all a wonderful week ahead.


  1. Ah, I do understand the frustration of power loss -- even here in the states!! Love your captures for the day! Such lovely birds, flowers and skies! Hope you have a good week, Jo!

  2. So sorry about all of the internet problems. I can imagine how frustrating it is...

    The Weaver is a gorgeous little bird.


  3. Jo, I'm very sorry that you continue to have so many power outages. I am glad though that you managed to get your banking done! I also love the blooms on the trees. Such a pretty colour and the birds are lovely too. I hope the week ahead is much better for you and that you are able to get your blogging done and also make the blog visits you want to make. Hugs. xx

  4. The Weaver is a wonderful bird. Sorry about your power outages. Have a great day, wishing you a happy week ahead!

  5. Your offline problems seems like the Russian roulette !

  6. I see you put the new header I made, looks good ! Better then I thought, lol !

  7. We've been having terrible forest fires all over California (and the west in general) and our power went off yesterday for an hour and a half, so I feel your pain, Jo.

    Those are very unusual and pretty flowers on that tree. Great shot of the weaver, too!

    (((Hugs))) Pat

  8. I don't even have that excuse for not being done posting about South Africa from March. I'll be back before I get caught up. Glad your doing well and getting out to bird.


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