Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bread baking and Mongolian BBQ

Although I've been baking bread since I was a child (seriously!) whenever I've tried to bake here in Tanzania, it turns out a complete flop. On our last holiday in South Africa I bought a special brown flour and sachets of dried yeast and brought them back to Mwadui with me. Yesterday I took the plunge and baked a loaf. It turned out perfectly! 

 My first successful loaf of bread baked in Tanzania! 

Last night I'd organized a Mongolian BBQ at the Guest House for the men. By the time each guy had gone back to cook a second helping of fillet steak, prawns, chicken and vegetables, they all asked me if we could in future always have "this type of party"! They obviously prefer it to the normal BBQ where one person cooks large steaks, sausage and chicken pieces while everyone else sits around waiting to be served! As this is a much more sociable way to enjoy eating together and much cheaper, we'll definitely always have a Mongolian BBQ instead of the ubiquitous "braai" ! 

I trust you're all having a great weekend.


  1. Your bread looks delicious. Glad you finally got it to work in Tanzania..... Bet you'll make some more now!!!!

    Glad the guys enjoyed the Mongolian BBQ... Sounds like that was a huge HIT.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. The bread looks gorgeous, Jo. Probably the yeast you brought back was fresher.
    The Mongolian barbecue sounds like an excellent idea, and much less work for you (maybe?).
    Luv, K

  3. I can understand the guys wanting to participate but I do like the braai when someone else does the cooking. Bread looks scrumptious.

  4. Your bread looks great. The Italian leprechaun and I had the normal Souf Efrican braai last night, huge steak and about a kilo of "wors".We didn't forget the beer either. It was cold outside so we both looked like refugee Eskimo's!

  5. The men must love you as love goes through the stomac ! what an excellent idea to do it this way now.
    Your bread came out real great ! Must be the flour in Tanzania which isn't good for bread.

  6. Glad everyone is enjoying the Mongolian BBQs. Good to see your bread has worked out at last for you dear friend. I bet it tastes so good.

  7. That bread looks delicious. I hope all future loaves are the same. Its a good idea to have a Mongolian BBQ. I haven't heard that term before. Does it mean cook it yourself?

  8. Jo, your bread looks delicious! I hate to admit I have never baked bread. I must learn how to make homemade bread. Your BBQ sounds great, I am glad they all enjoyed the new way. Have a happy weekend!

  9. I love Mongolian BBQs, too, so I can understand why the guys preferred that. That loaf of bread looks delicious...I can almost smell it!


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