Sunday, August 4, 2013

Strange smells

Hi Bozo and all my mum's blogger friends. This last week has been quite strange. First, mum dashed out here with  one of the boxes that we've traveled in. She stayed away quite a long time. Not as long as that L O N G time when we don't see her or dad. Yet she left just when dad went out into the hot sun and she didn't come home until dad did which was when the sun was going behind the trees.

We heard her telling dad about something called Matewis and that he had a plation. Yesterday she and dad left here and soon she came back with our travel cage. I climbed into the cage and could smell something but when Uncle Shadow arrived to inspect the cage, he suddenly looked angry. And although we cats don't actually speak like yoomens do, he actually told me that he could smell another cat. Mmm. 

 I, Ambrose, was the first one in the cage that mum brought back from her friend

 I think because I'm still small, I didn't really smell anything strange

Uncle Shadow was very angry according to his swishing tail. Once he'd told me the cage smelled of strange cat, he jumped onto the window to check that the cat wasn't hiding in the spare room!

 Shadow checking where the strange cat is

Then Dad Ginger arrived and after sniffing around the cage, he agreed with Uncle Shadow that there had been a strange cat around. And that's strange because he and Uncle Shadow don't often agree on anything! 

 Dad Ginger agrees with Uncle Shadow that there's a strange cat smell around

 Here I was imitating Dad Ginger and Uncle Shadow and found I could also smell a strange cat! 

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  1. Wow you guys sure make great detectives!


  2. Cute kitties are worried they have to share their Mum. I am sure you Mum has enough love for all. Have a happy day!

  3. What a lovely cute post. I love your cats and the stories they tell, gorgeous.

  4. Hi pretties mine not doing so well

  5. Your mom was working to help the strange cat, whose name is Matewis. She did an excellent job, because the veterinarian's assistant was unable to come, so your mom had to do it.
    You know she does such a good job of everything she tries. Well, she was invaluable to the veterinarian, and she only had to borrow your travel kennel for a short time. Sniffing the strange smells gave the three of you some entertainment, and the smells will be gone soon.
    Love, Auntie Kay in Canada

  6. Another cat in your cage ?? that's a scandal ! Especially when he smells so bad ! Should have put some mouse parfume on !

  7. Ambrose, you are a quick learner!


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