Sunday, August 25, 2013

Waiting patiently

Hello Bozo and all mum's blogger friends. Once again poor mum couldn't post as the Interweb went off-line again. This time Kipara (dad's IT friend) is on holiday in a far place and couldn't help mum. Then the Interweb came on again and voila! I had the computer to myself when this happened.

We kitties here in Tanzania have a lovely life. The second most favorite part of our day is having our second breakfast;  this time Kibbles. Early in the morning (it depends on when Unca Shadow can wake mum or dad up with his special "prr-neouw, prr-neouw"call  we have a spoonful of cod and plaice in jelly. Or tuna in jelly. Or salmon and seafood in jelly. It has to be in jelly, else dad Ginger turns his back on the bowl, and when no-one is watching Unca Shadow eats it. (Our yoomen dad says Unca Shadow cleans everyone's bowls because of his disadvantaged early kittenhood when he almost starved in the slums of a great big city near a great big river.)

Anyway, once we've had this jellied food, we all have a short nap while we wait for mum to prepare herself for the day. Then we all go outdoors where she hangs the washing on the line and does some gardening with our new askari, Michael. We three kitties explore the flower beds, drink water from the bird ponds, (if mum would let us, we'd catch some of those cheeky birds)  and romp around in the bushes.

Once mum has finished  outdoors, we come inside again and we three kitties take a nap. (Playing is exhausting stuff!) Then we hear Pendo pulling a plastic bucket across the kitchen floor. She pours water on the floor and dries it with a bunch of ropes at the end of a long stick.

This is our signal that soon she will put kibbles into our cookie bowls! So we stretch, and go to the kitchen where we wait patiently.

We three kitties wait here until Pendo feeds us our second breakfast for the day!

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  1. Heya guys you sure are having a lot of fun together!!


  2. Great post! And all three of you kitties are soooo pretty!

  3. What a great day and a great life for the kitties. They are spoiled and loved. Cute photos and I love the new header.. Have a happy week ahead!

  4. Can't have too many breakfasts!!!Hahaaa
    Cute shot!

  5. Ha, the kittens do appear to be patient, but very eager for their kibble.

  6. Thank you for the update about your mom, and the story about your second breakfast, Ambrose.
    Lindy's dad gives her kibble first thing in the morning, then her mom gives her yogurt. After that she gets vegetables until lunch time, so there's no room for a second breakfast.
    She always tells us when it is 6 pm and time for her supper, and when it is 10pm so her daddy will share his apple with her.
    Love from Kay and Lindy

  7. Arthur shouldn't read this post ! He would want to try out all these food !

  8. You kitties do have a great don't know how lucky you are. Well, Ambrose, you know how lucky you are!


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