Monday, January 29, 2018

Beautiful rains at the end of January

Since Wednesday last week, the Central Drakensberg and surrounds have been blessed with abundant rains.  The farmers are smiling and the earth is green and lush. 

Here a few photos taken while Skabenga and I walked along the farm road earlier. (we couldn't walk yesterday afternoon as it was pouring when I returned from walk - I got drenched running from car to cottage!)
 Being a dairy farm, we pass a paddock with calf nurseries
 A close up of this cutey

As soon as possible after birth, the calves are seperated from their mothers. Every morning and evening I watch the lady from the dairy take buckets of mother cow milk and let the calves drink 
 A slightly older calf resting out of its nursery confines in the long grass 

 As we continue on our walk, Skabenga hurtles along exploring as he goes 
 Wildflowers abound
 A dog patiently waits for his mum to take photos
 Close-up of the wildflowers
 A white variety of the same flowers

 Dots of yellow as the daisies make their appearance

Fuzzy or clear - they're beautiful 




  1. They are beautiful, happy New year to you Jo. I remember how much we looked forward to and enjoyed the rainy season when we lived in central Africa. So wonderful seeing the dry earth burst into green again. It's a bit like that here in Australia also.

  2. It sounds like spring is in the air !

  3. Hello, dogs always look so happy when they are running. Love the Skabenga photo, the calves are so sweet. Pretty flowers and photos. Hello, Costa Rica is one of my favorite places to visit. I love the butterfly images and the Oxen. The scenery and flowers are pretty too. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!

  4. the wild flowers are amazing and would be all it would take to make me walk, add in those adorable baby cows and WOW.... what a wonderful walk you can have

  5. Glad that you have had some rain. Wish Capetown would get some. Keep well. Diane

  6. The flowers are a cheerful sight!

  7. There is something very special about the smell of rain after a dry spell. Really rather magical I think.

    Cheers - Stewart M - (back in) Melbourne


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