Monday, January 8, 2018

Catch up

Hello everyone. A quick post to apologize for not visiting your blogs too regularly these last few weeks. Suddenly I have to do everything myself - from driving myself everywhere, deworming the cats and dog myself; keeping my cottage clean and tidy and the laundry up to date; getting the car through its roadworthy test and still put in a eight-hour day at the shop.

I've been blessedly busy at work too, Praise God. We didn't have a spectacular Christmas season - but immediately after Boxing Day to date the sales picked up -  which proves that the beautiful and unique art that I sell,  isn't seasonal. 

Over and above it all, I have been very tired over the past three days. I need to catch up on my sleep and quickly too. On Tuesday,  my son, John, granddaughter Eryn and I are driving up to Marquard where Grant and I lived before moving to the mountains.  We're going to load up a few essential appliances (I've been without a fridge and washing machine since October 2016!) and return the same day and unload all into my cottage. 

Meanwhile, life on the veranda continues. I speak to and interact with dozens of people all day and every day. Last week a beautiful couple stopped at my display table which is set out outside. They were in biking gear and carrying their helmets. Of course we got chatting. They'd flown in from Sweden to Johannesburg where they hired a Harley Davidson. They told me where they'd been touring around South Africa; I told them  I used to pillion on a Harley and why I don't anymore. The man, Andish is Swedish and his wife, Sandra of 13 years, comes from Mexico. They both speak the other's language.  Andish wanted a photo of the three of us in front of the art shop. Bikers are really a most special breed!
Andish, Sandra and Jo

 I hope you're all safely back home after the festivities and ready to face the New Year.

Have a great day.



  1. Apologies not necessary. Your first priority needs to be you. You and the critters.

  2. Hello Jo, Nice photo of you and the biker tourist. I can imagine you are very busy being on your own. While doing all these things, I hope you have time for yourself too. It is nice you son is helping to bring the appliances to your new place. I hope all goes well, take care. Happy Monday, enjoy your day and new week!

  3. Bless your heart... I think of you often --and you are in my thoughts and prayers... I'm sure that life is so different for you now--and not easy... I cannot believe you have been without a fridge for so long... Mercy Me.... That must have been so difficult... Glad you are getting one plus a washing machine...

    The 'biker' people who visited seem so nice... So glad you met them...


  4. i would love meeting all the visitors you have all day, i like talking to strangers. i would enjoy most of your job but not the paper work. that couple looks like a fun couple. have a safe trip and now i just had the thought who takes care of my precious Skabenga and the kitties? your landlords maybe?

  5. It's good that you're keeping busy.


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