Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Parkrun Volunteering No 3

For those readers who've followed my blog, I've been volunteering instead of walking the Parkrun.  This was in honor of Grant who enjoyed Parkrun so much and eventually became the tail runner/sweep whenever he took part. It was my heart to do three volunteering stints and then I'd take part in the walk again as usual. 

Last Saturday I was thrilled to see Debbie and the children arriving to take part. Of course, with me busy at the end (I scanned the barcodes as the runners/walkers came in), I was unable to speak to them much.
 As always I zoom in on the four-legged participants.  Owner and doggie waiting for the start of the Parkrun
This is my friend with her very excited dog!

 This little mite was still a pup; I hope the owners know to carry it when it tires (I didn't see them at the end) as pups shouldn't walk long distances until they're much older 

  Ant giving me a sticks-up cheer s he passes
Alan (our oldest Parkrun walker) waves happily as he passes
 Another eager doggie running ahead of its mistress

 Debbie and children and a guinea pig in that buggy
 Erynand Elijah walk barefoot
 Volunteers for Saturday's Parkrun
 The first runner in!
 Volunteers cheer as the first woman arrives
 The Hedges clan at the Parkrun



  1. Looks as if you enjoyed it very much ! and it is nice to have the grandchildren around too !

  2. Hello Jo, it is great to see all the participants in this parkrun event. The dogs are all cuties too. It is wonderful to see your grandchildren and DIL in the run/walk too. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  3. Always looks like a grand time. Family, friends and 4-legged friends too, make it a more enjoyable time.

  4. Love that last shot of the family. Hard to believe how much those kids have grown.


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