Saturday, January 13, 2018

Real critters this week

It's been ages since I've actually posted "critters" on this meme. I've had a cow and her calf; I've had a herd of cows and an elevated horse; I've had kittens in my friend's reception office; last week I posted about Misscot - our precious veranda mascot!

Today I have real critters to post...

 While hanging paintings on the wall outside the shop, I spotted this little critter

 Even though it looks large in the photo, this was a tiny little preying mantis
 Intent on escaping from me 

 Back home, as I went to open my cabinet doors in the kitchen, a large critter scurried out from a gap between the cupboard and the wall 
 Belying its terrifying looks, this rain spider is harmless

I'm linking to Eileen's Saturday Critters here



  1. ha ha on harmless, it would cause me harm trying to get out of its way. did you leave it there? i could not sleep knowing it was in the house. the mantis is cute and love his bright green color, or maybe her color.

  2. Hello, I rarely see a preying mantis. They are cool insects. I am glad that spider is harmless, it looks huge. Great photos. I am always happy to have you linking up! I appreciate your visit and comment too. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend.

  3. I run out of critters too, besides my cats ! For Grasshoppers it's too early and when I see a spider I run away ! Grasshoppers are fun !

  4. Hello!:) Thanks for sharing these amazing critters.

  5. Nice mantis close up, he sure is colourful and gets around. The spider, well, he's a spider and not one of my favorite critters. I'm scared, Jo. :)

  6. Love your header. The rainbow is so bright and colourful. Eke spiders give me the creeps.

  7. IN the kitchen!? Yowzer! I can't handle having any spiders IN my house! :-) Nice critter shots! Btw LOVE that header! What a gorgeous rainbow!

  8. I thought you would show us the mantis eating the spider ... great shots!


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