Saturday, January 6, 2018

Miss Mascot

Last Friday, a farmer brought a kitten in to Collette.. She's known for rescuing stray cats and of course, took this little mite in immediately. Needless to say, as  I set eyes on the cutey, I was  hooked. Charmaine, who manages the liquor store set between my and Collette's shop, fell for the kitten as well.

As you can imagine between the three of us the little cat has no lack of mamas.


Within a couple of hours this little critter had built up a fan base- second only to Madonna in her heyday - from the visitors to the center.

The kitten which Collette has named Misscot (because she's a girl!) visits my shop and keeps me out of my work by lolling across my lap, if I'm seated at the desk, or over my shoulder if I'm serving customers or pricing goods etc.

 Within a very short time, she realized that she's the star attraction and plays up to it. As a customers enters the shop, sees the cat and says: Awwww, Misscot turns her head towards that person and wriggles from my arms onto the counter and into the customer's arms! 

Yesterday while having my lunch Misscot draped her tiny body across my legs. When I opened my coleslaw salad container she sniffed at it and turned around and looked at me quizzically.
 I don't like this stuff, Mum! 

While we were bonding over the lunch box, a lady (who'd been in the day before) walked in, looked over the counter and said: Oh, there's kitty!
 Misscot stretched out towards her latest fan and basked in the admiration
I handed the bundle of cuteness to the lady and took a photo. 
Note the absolute relaxed attitude of the kitty 

This morning I was at the shop quite early. I heard the gardener Phillip ask Security Guard, Francis if there's a cat in Collette's shop. Realizing that the kitten was protesting at being left indoors too long, I grabbed my camera and went to Collette's shop door.  

 Determined to make her presence known! 

This little critter has given us untold pleasure in the short while she's been part of the veranda community. Yesterday I was busy on the phone and a couple walked in. They'd been in my shop the day before and fallen in love with the kitten. The man looked down behind the counter and asked: Where is the cat? I completed my call and told him to follow me to Collette's shop. When we walked in there was Collette with another couple and the guy had Misscot in his arms while his girlfriend oohed and aahed over the cat. Misscot lolled her head over her latest fan's arm and looked at the couple I'd brought in as if to say: you'll have to wait your turn! 

Oh,  she is a delight and I hope you all enjoy this Critter post which I'm linking to Saturday Critters hosted by Eileen 



  1. Aw, what an adorable kitten. I can see why she has so many admirers as I'm in love with her too and I haven't even held her. I wish I could reach through the computer screen and give her a cuddle. I see she has certain markings and pointed ears which tell me she might have some kind of wild cat in her. Do you know the name of her breed?

  2. A heart-melting honey. Who has fallen on all four feet. Which is lovely.

  3. She is gorgeoous Jo and it is lovely that she has so many admirers. HAPPY NEW YEAR

  4. What an adorable kitty! She certainly has found a perfect home.
    Have a lovely weekend.

  5. this crittr post gets Best Ever Award... i love love love all the photos and the story is so heart warming. the name is PURRfect...

  6. Oh I love her. She is so pretty and apparently really loves all the attention she is getting. My Lily Bit gets that type of attention on FB and in blogland. My dog aslo. I love their fan base! Adorable....

  7. Hello Jo,
    Mascot is an adorable kitty. It looks like she is loved by all too. Cute photos. Thank you so much for linking up your post! Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  8. What a cutie she is and I think she knows it. :)


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