Saturday, January 20, 2018

Farm and domestic critters

For friend, Sandra of Madsnapper's information, the large spider is still residing in my house. In fact I potted her (the large ones are females in the arachnid world) on the wall  above the kitchen cupboards a few days ago. When I got into bed that night, I looked up and spotted her on the wall above my clothes cupboard. Well, perhaps it's not her, but her sister. Anyway, I have left the spiders in peace and they don't bother me either! 
Resident rain spider

So all I have for today's critter post are the farmyard and household critters in my life - with a bird or two thrown in!  

A herd of cattle along the road...
 ..where I stopped to photograph the Amus Falcon female
 Amur falcon (female)
 White stork in Debbie's neighbor's farm crops 

And then an update on the veranda cat, Missy (Miscot)...

 After all the tree climbing, Missy is exhausted!
Missy lolls around on Colette's hides displayed on the veranda outside her shop 

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  1. A lovely selection od critters today Jo. Have a great weekend.

  2. Hi Jo! Wonderful photos of the birds but Missy steals the show with her cute antics in the tree!
    Happy Saturday!

  3. Miscot is just soooooo cute and so is that calf ... i could not sleep in a house with those spiders. my grandmother had them in her house here in FL and threatened to punish us if we killed one. she left them in peace also. i would be terrified to sleep when we stayed with her

  4. Hello, love seeing the cattle walking in the road. The Falcon and Stork are beautiful bird. Miscot is a cutie, I love the pretty eyes. Wonderful photos. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Happy Saturday, enjoy your weekend!

  5. Love the falcon and the stork, but Missy is adorable!

  6. Love the cattle...and oh that sweet kitten! Great photos.

  7. Oh my gosh Missy is adorable Jo, much more adorable than your pet spider 😀😀

  8. I really hope that spider picture is zoomed in very close. I don't mind spiders too much as long as they aren't too huge. That one looks as big as my hand, yikes! The birds and cat photos are beautiful. Such a sweet looking cat.

  9. Missy goes up the tree because she wants the cute firemen to come rescue her.

  10. Love your critters. And I too leave spiders in peace.


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