Tuesday, December 9, 2014

My other world in SA

If I'd been in South Africa at this time of the year, I'd have attended many year-end parties and several Christmas Carol Services. Of course, most of the time I live in Tanzania, and at the moment we're also inundated with functions and parties here on camp. 

Meanwhile, back home in Marquard, Rina, who lives in our home, has been invited to several ladies' outings and church functions.

On the last Tuesday of November, my ex-neighbor Pienkie. who is now my mother-in-law's neighbor in the retirement center, invited Rina and MIL to the Christmas Party for the Needlework Club. Rina says she enjoyed it tremendously and will join the Tuesday circle of crafts in the New Year. 

That Saturday, the 29th, Rina was invited to a  dinner of roast lamb at a private function in a small pizza place in town. It was my friend, Jenny's 60th birthday celebration.  At this party, Rina was invited to the Dutch Reformed Church Carol Service which was held on Sunday 7th. 

This Saturday past,  Anna Louw, also from the center, invited Rina to the Marquard Garden Club year-end function.  The theme was purple and pearls in support of CANSA. My friend , Carin who is Anna Louw's daughter, sent me photos. 
The setting in the beautiful garden of one of the club members
The beautiful ladies of Marquard dressed in purple and pearls. The blonde lady with glasses, third along this row, is my sister-in-law, Celia (Amanda's mother). The lady at the other end, is Celia's sister-in-law, Hester. On Hester's right - almost under the antelope horns -  is Anna, which means that Rina was sitting next to her right but not visible in the photo
Rina, right, with Anna Louw

Rina is a very loving and outgoing person, and after only four months of living in Marquard has made dozens of friends. Hester invited her to the Methodist Carol Service next Sunday. 

On Sunday morning, Rina attended a harvest festival at our church under the pastor-ship of my brother-in-law, Lourie. Afterwards the whole congregation had lunch at the a-la-carte restaurant in town. Rina and Marie - also a resident in the retirement center - sit together in church and sat together at the meal. 

All in all, Rina is having the time of her life meeting other people and getting to know different places around town.

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  1. i am so glad she is being welcomed into her new community with open arms. :)

  2. It's wonderful that Rina is settling in so well in her new SA home. It looks like the ladies are keeping her busy! Hugs. xx

  3. Looks like a fun world you have there and great friends as well!! Thanks for sharing!! Hope your week is off to a great start!

  4. Looks like Rina is settled into Marquard very nicely.

  5. Dear Friend, Just stopping by to say HI. Hope you are having a good December so far. This will be a very different kind of Christmas for George and me this year. But—all in all, we are both enjoying being together and sharing our love with each other. What more can we ask for!!!!

    Other than a post today, I won't be blogging much until I start feeling better and get this knee/leg taken care of... I will try to at least read your posts (even if I don't comment)... I will however be posting off and on on Facebook (since it's so simple) if you want to check there when possible.

    Glad Rina is enjoying life in South Africa.

  6. A splendid party indeed Jo.
    Sorry I've been off the planet for a while.

  7. Wonderful to have great friends. Happy Tuesday.

  8. it is wonderful that Rina has settled so well and she has made lots of freinds

  9. I am happy for Rina! It is wonderful she has met so many nice new friends. The party looks lovely.. Great photos, have a happy day!


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