Sunday, December 21, 2014

Pre-Christmas activities

When I saw blogger friend, Gattina's comment about wrapping Christmas gifts, I felt relieved that I'd just finished wrapping mine. We're having a communal Christmas lunch at the pool in the client's camp organized by the ladies.  Between us women we've wrapped gifts for each person (male/female) in our group. I'm normally the only lady here, but the plant foreman (Steve) 's wife has flown in from the UK.  I've therefore wrapped two ladies gifts. As for the men, there's Grant, Steve and our young production manager, Poena. I've wrapped three men's gifts. However, not one to take chances, I've wrapped an extra man's gift and an extra ladies gift. 
The front eight gifts are for Christmas day. Ginger keeps watch over my gifts

Getting into the spirit of it all, I hung up two strings of colored lights. One on the window bars, and one above my desk. 
Not very effective unless the light is off! 
The lights on the window bars. Ginger sat right on top of the cat tree - this is the first time he has ever gone this high. It's normally Shadow's perch
Ambrose is sitting on dad Ginger's office chair (which stays next to mine at all times) 
Shadow on the chair to watching everything with an eagle eye

Although this post appears today (Monday), I wrote it on Saturday. As it's aired, I'm waiting to entertain eleven ladies tea in the garden. On Saturday night the rain came down and I prayed that it would clear up in the next day and night. If not, I'll have to move indoors which isn't a problem. The thing is I wanted to have a garden party and hope this will be.

If you check the gifts on the table above, you'll see several more than the ones I'm taking to the Christmas lunch. This is because several ladies are spending Christmas with their friends and/or families and I won't see them that day.

When I returned home from a birding outing on Saturday, Michael was mowing the lawn in preparation for the party. At first the pups seemed quite nervous of the noise of the mower.   I panned in on Michael and two of the pups homed in on my camera bag on the ground. The others realized there was no real danger if Bibi and Michael was around, and fell asleep. 

Here's wishing you all a very happy Monday and a wonderful week of Christmas festivities. 


  1. Looks like you're all ready. I love my card.

  2. Hello Jo, I have yet to wrap my presents. I guess I am running behind. Your luncheon sounds nice, I hope the weather was good for you.. The pups are cute, I hope your camera bag was rescued better any damage was done.. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  3. HI Jo I think this Christmas spirit has gone to your head.. You posted this today which is indeed Sunday however you tell us later that today is Monday!! Now I know which day it really is but do you!!!!! Lovely to see the pups on video but was a bit concerned about them chewing your camera bag!! You certainly are well organised for Christmas and the parties with all the presents. Have a great Sunday (that is a clue!!!)

  4. oh boy, a camera case and i laughed when the sleepy puppies fell over. i do hope you had a garden party and not an indoor one.. i have been missing because baby was to sick for me to be on this contrapiton

  5. I think my gift mountain is the double ! Now I have put everything in one suitcase, what a space calculation and you can't even sit on your suitcase to close it, because it's filled with boxes and may break !


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