Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pups are three months old!

Today the pups are three months old! Although two of the pups have already been homed, I still have five on our property. Not only that, we also inherited Nando when he came to after his operation last week and realized this is what a dog's life should be! (Nando is was the Guest House guard dog. He had no confidence; in actual fact he was petrified of anyone and everyone around him. 
Nando after only one day in our garden with Princess and her five remaining pups
Nando after one week in our garden and with the pups! 

You cannot believe it 's the same dog

And the pups are growing in leaps and bounds! 



  1. princess and nando seem to be enjoying each other's company immensely! i'm so glad you're keeping them together!

  2. Nando know he has a good thing here. The pups are almost as big as Princess already.

  3. Three months already ! Time flies by ! I love the noise in your garden, sounds so exotic to me, just like in a botanic garden with birds, lol ! I am happy for Nando that you keep him with you, apparently he was a very unhappy dog ! He and Princess seem to be made for each other !

  4. Jo, the pups have grown so much...It is cute seeing all of them playing together. I am happy for Nando.. Have a happy day!

  5. Nando and Princess with the little pups makes quite a lovely family. xx

  6. they are getting so big and grown up and the pup in the video kind of looks like glad you kept him


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