Friday, December 12, 2014

Pups update

Although there aren't many pup-photos in this post, it's actually all about them. Or that they're not repeated, if you get what I mean, LOL! 
Princess a few hours before becoming a "sports model" ! 

Last week I contacted a vet in Mwanza. An expat friend referred me to Dr Igungu on the strength of two of her friends having just had their dogs spayed successfully. I also remembered that Dr Igungu had assisted me last year when I sent Topsy and Tipsy to South Africa. He supplied the export permits from the area we fall under: the Mwanza district. 

We arranged for Wednesday this week as D - day. Our driver, William had taken Johan to Mwanza airport and Grant arranged for him to collect Dr Igungu in town and bring him to Mwadui. 

Michael and I prepared Grant's bathroom for surgery - we've done this before, remember - and in due course, William arrived and delivered Dr Igungu. I was thrilled to see that he had his own nurse, else I'd have to assist the vet again. 

The vet was thrilled when he saw our set-up; he said he normally has to work on the floor  ground.

Dr Igungu and Nurse Christine set out their instruments, lay a thick plastic cloth on the operating table and donned their gloves. Then he called for the patient.  

I went outside with Michael and showed him how to slip the choker chain over Princess' head and lead her to the back door. 
Although Princess balks at being on a leash, she meekly followed Michael to our back garden
At the back door, she suddenly remembered the cats and lay down, refusing to come inside
Michael had to carry her through the bedroom and to the bathroom (image blurred because of speed of following camera-woman!) 
Once inside the surgery, Princess just lay down and waited...
The vet administers the sedative
Christine prepared Princess' leg area for the vet to inject the anesthetic
 Michael donned surgical gloves and stood by -holding the patient's head -  while the vet operated on her
The vet uses plastic straw-like tube to keep the patient's mouth open 
Professionalism at its best
Dr Igungu and Michael carry Princess to the recovery room (Johan's cottage)
Princess recovering on a towel and blanket under the ceiling fan in Johan's lounge! 
Michael and I went across to the Guest House to collect Nando for his op

Easier said than done!

Edward held Nando down while Michael slipped the choker chain over his head

Suddenly it was chaos! The dog broke loose, raced across the yard, chain dragging, three men and me in hot pursuit.
Poor Nando was terrified! 

The next video clip is not for the faint-hearted; I've used to show how terrified local dogs are. 

In our garden, the vet came out with his muzzle (ours was useless) and slipped it over Nand's snout.  Edward and Michael could lift the dog safely now and carry him indoors. 
Once inside the surgery, poor little Nando just capitulated , obviously expecting the worst

By now Edward had added himself to the surgical team; here he and Michael wait for the vet and nurse to complete the sedation 
Together Michael and Edward lift unconscious dog onto the operating table

Once Nando's op was over, my askaris carried him out to the recovery room

Although very groggy,  Princess was already coming around when we placed Nando next to her

When Grant returned from work after five, he and I checked on the dogs. They were doing fine. Later that night Armani and I checked on them again; Nando was also conscious but both dogs didn't even rise when we came into the room. I asked Armani to check on them every two hours during the night. (

The next morning I went out to the cottage and both the dogs were standing up and waiting to be let out. They ran around the garden with great enthusiasm - even Princess whom the vet said should be kept quiet for three days! 

Then it was time to introduce the pups to their Uncle Nando. 

(I've added the next video to show the complete turnaround since the day before when he was so petrified of everyone.)

This is Nando after one and half days in our garden. Can you believe it's the same dog to the one which foamed at the mouth and pulled hysterically at the leash? 

We realized that we'd never get him back to the Guest House garden and will probably let two of the remaining pups go there instead. Regina has promised to see that no-one abuses, taunts or teases them. 

Grant loves the pups and he thinks Nando is a great dog, so perhaps after Nordeen has taken his pup and Karim has collected his, we'll keep the remaining three here with their mum, Princess and Nando. The garden is big enough, so here's hoping...

One large happy family: the five pups, Princess and Nando resting in our garden

I hope you're all having a great Saturday.


  1. HI Jo That is is very well documented tale of how you catch the 2 dogs, gave an account of their surgery , recovery and then how they all enjoyed each other's company when it was all over. You certainly can do the videos and up load them now, they were great. if remains to be seen how many dog/pups grant will let you keep. I will watch this space. Have a lovely weekend and good birding.

  2. nando is a handsome fellow! so glad to see him and princess get along and that you can keep them together! and that both are fixed now! and fingers crossed on the rest of the pups...

  3. They all are so adorable, and it's quite enjoyable watching them grow and all their new adventures! Great pictures!

  4. i am used to just dropping the dogs off at the office and coming back that evening.. this was a little traumatic for me and i did not watch the first vdeo but loved the 2nd one and the last photo is beautiful. looks like everything is working out for the best

  5. Great update, Jo. So glad both dogs did well from their surgery... I have been a terrible blogger recently due to my knee pain/problem. SO--did some of the pups already get adopted???? Sounds like all of them will end up in great homes and have a fabulous life.


  6. Sounds like all went well, Jo. Good news! And I do hope you get to keep the pups!

  7. That was a little stressful. I'm glad all are doing well.

  8. JO, I am so glad the surgeries went well and both dogs are recovering well. The second video is wonderful, love seeing them all together.. Thanks for sharing, have a happy weekend!

  9. Nice that this time you got to document instead of assist.

  10. Oh my oh my ! what an "adventure" at least now they are all fixed ! Must have been a hard day !

  11. This was fascinating!! Glad the dogs did well with the surgery.


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