Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Thanks to everyone who sympathized with the sudden demise of our dear Labrador, Angie. Soon after we'd brought her home from the SPCA,she was diagnosed with hips dysplasia, But with light prescribed medication and watching her diet (she and the other two dogs were fed the best dog kibbles available in South Africa!) at four years old in October, she had turned into a sturdy and healthy dog in her prime. She will be sorely missed. 

The day after Angie's death, one of Rina's cats, Topsy went outside and hasn't been seen since. She has been frantic. I've put a notice on Facebook and shared it with several animal-lovers in our neighborhood; I sent Angus a recent photo of Topsy with wording for a poster. He printed several copies which Rina has placed on businesses all over town. As I write this blog (on Tuesday evening) Rina is in her little car, cruising the streets looking for Topsy. 
The photo I took of Topsy while we were at home in November. (This is what Topsy enjoyed best - after eating, that is - sleeping on his sheepskin in the sun) This is also the photo on the posters up all over town

We know that some cats go walkabout. But Topsy was always such a stay-at-home kitty. His brother, Tipsy was more inclined to jump over the boundary wall into Amanda and Angus' garden and stay away long past his bedtime. 

For those who followed my blog last year, Tipsy and Topsy were born here in Mwadui at the beginning of 2013. Rina's husband, Dick found them as tiny kittens at the side of the road. He picked them up, took them home and the rest is history. 

I kitty-sat these cats on two occasions while Rina and Dick went to SA on their break. The second time, they didn't return to Tanzania, as Dick had died from malaria. In December last year, in fact, exactly a year ago today, I flew with these two cats to Dar Es Salaam. There I handed them over to the Expediters who put them on a flight to South Africa. They were delivered to Rina's home (where she lived in the Northern Free State, before coming to live in our home) on Saturday, 7 December which would have been Dick's birthday. 

So we're hoping and praying that this precious cat of her pair of kitties will walk into the door one morning and meow for his breakfast. Tipsy, who is pining as much as Rina, will be over the moon too!  

Once again, I have links and for those of you who are interested, do click on each one to follow the lives of Tipsy and Topsy until the present.  





  1. i'm sorry her dear cat went missing! i hope all will be well!

  2. HI Oh this is another blow for Rhina but I hope the kitty returns soon.

  3. this is so sad, I do pray the kitty comes back home..


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