Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Staff Christmas treat

Early - very early this morning - 3am to be exact - I got up and baked a large cake. This was to treat the Guest House staff to a slice of cake and a soda after lunch. I also had a box of small biscuits (cookies) which each person could pocket and take home to the family.

Yesterday Grant treated the entire staff on the whole mine to sodas as the Health and Safety inspection had been passed by the authorities as perfect. 

A large cake for the 13 plus staff in and around the Guest House

The people gathered in the Lapa and after I'd thanked them for their support and good work during the year, they all filed past, took a piece of cake and a soda
In the above photo, Regina, one of my house ladies and the cats' favorite dada/carer is feeding me a piece of cake in the traditional Tanzanian manner! 

Enjoying a well-deserved treat 

It's amazing how well these people get on with each other. They all work together in complete harmony and get the job done in no time at all! 

Thank you Caspian Kempeski/Guest House, Mwadui. 

Kazi azuri/ work well done! 


  1. Hi JO I am laughing. You up at 3.a! You would not find me doing that as I do not bake any more but I can see the staff all appreciated it very much. Now I am very good at eating cake. Just a pity you are so far away as I would love a piece!. Matthew is now up and feeling a good bit better however we will stay in this evening. Glad you have everything done now. JUST RELAX NOW

  2. It was good of you to recognize the staff at Christmas. I am sure they appreciate it. I know that in NA, people probably don't think of a soda as a treat but I know in Africa for a lot of people it is a very rare treat indeed. God bless you Jo (and Grant), hope to read more from you in the coming weeks. Much love and have a very Merry Christmas. xx

  3. bless them all with many more treats in the future - and your care! :)

  4. I've never worked at a place where everyone got along! :-)

  5. Hello, Jo! I am sure the staff enjoyed the cake and soda.. It is wonderful when all the workers get along nicely.. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  6. they always look so happy and full of joy in your photos and the cake and soda is great. mine would be a bought cake since baking/cooking is not my thing.


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