Wednesday, March 2, 2016

African Red-eyed Bulbul and young

On Friday John the gardener called me to the back garden,  and pointed to a bird's nest in the white-stinkwood tree. I had my camera with me and snapped away. Although I only got a rear view of the baby bird (already rather large), I noticed one parent, (an African red-eyed bulbul) on a branch above me, with an insect in its beak,  and the other parent in another tree nearby. 
The sturdy nest with a rather large baby bird inside
One parent bird with the baby's meal in its beak

The poor hapless moth would soon provide a wholesome meal for the young Red-eyed Bulbul
The parent watched me intently before it flew down onto the nest to feed the young bird
The young bird is distinguished from an adult by the lack of a red ring around the eye; and of course by its gape
The leaves kept moving and getting in the way of a decent photo, but I'm sure you get the idea of the bird waiting patiently for mama (or papa) to bring its meal
The other parent watched its mate and offspring while keeping an eye on me standing below the nest
On Sunday, Grant showed Joel and Abby the nest and noticed the baby was not in it anymore. It was on a branch nearby with one parent in attendance!
The adult bird flew off while the young one waited
It noticed mama flying back...
Its meal was on the way!
Yum. Down the hatch it went! 

Although this bird was being fed protein in the form of a moth, Bulbuls are very partial to fruit. The trees in which the nest was built and the one above, carries juicy berries (now ripe - they're visible in the photos of the adult bird with a moth in its beak). And the Pyracantha shrub which I featured in my post yesterday attracts a multitude of fruit-eating birds, among whom, the African Red-eyed Bulbul. 

I haven't seen the youngster since Sunday. Obviously the parents would have fed it a day or two more and then it would be on its own. The African Red-eyed Bulbul has been a common resident in our garden ever since I moved to the Free State in 1994. It's early morning call : Wake-up, Gregory" is a delight to hear. 

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Happy Wednesday to you all! 


  1. Beautiful bird. Love the bits of yellow.

  2. Great shots Jo. Lovely to have them nesting in your garden

  3. this is amazing and i smiled all the way through, what a story and love all the pics.. daddy used to fuss when the berries came on the Pyracantha in our front yard. the birds would swoop down and fill up and fly away leaving deposits on any and everything...

  4. Very interesting bird. Hope the nesting is successful!

  5. Hello Jo, great post on your Red-eyed Bulbul, the nest and baby. Wonderful photos.


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