Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Walking the dogs and enjoying my garden

Before this post is aired this morning, Grant and I will be on the way to Senekal 48kms from home. We're collecting Rina and her friend who hopefully will have arrived safely on the bus trip from Cape Town. 

Meanwhile I thought I'd share some of the beautiful (not even indigenous) shrubs on our sidewalk, and on the golf course. 
The rose-like buds of the Callistemon near our motor gate (also known as the Australian Bottlebrush) 
The buds already bursting into flower
This shrub is one of several bushes on my pavement which defied the recent horrific heat and drought 
Although I have a couple of these Pyracantha (Firethorn) shrubs on the pavement as well, I actually photographed this one next to the golf course
These little apple-shaped berry-like fruits are called pomes. The fruit-eating birds love these...

With a little lay-off for the dogs while I was in the city with Grant, they're sure enjoying their early morning walks on the golf course again

Skabenga backing a grass stalk in my photo
Heavy dew jewelled these tiny grass seeds 

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  1. Beautiful plants and flowers and great captures for the day, Jo, as always!! Thank you for sharing the beauty!! Enjoy the remainder of your week and your visitors!!!

  2. Love the red flowers and berries. Have fun visiting with Rina and her friend. Drive safely. xx

  3. You have Australian Bottlebrush in your yard. It is amazing to see our Australian plants overseas. Have a fabulous week. I am joining you at Our World Tuesday

  4. A slight frost this morning here in sunny France. Your pix at least offer some warmth.

  5. Gorgeous shots of the flowers. Jo, still no laptop!

  6. Mr. H is very pleased that you called him 'rangy' - we are often less flattering to the old fur ball!

    Glad to see some Australian plants!

    Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne

  7. Hello Jo, The bottblebrush is a lovely plant, I like the blooms. Cute shots of your Skabenga. I hope things are calming down now. Have a happy day and week ahead!

  8. hope you have a safe trip and the bus gets in on time. that bottle brush is gorgeous. looks like ours but we don't have the little buds out the top. love it

  9. Strange flowers, never seen ! You are certainly happy that Rina is back !


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