Thursday, March 17, 2016

Good fences, pretty boundaries

With two months of regular rains, and with John and I putting in some effort outdoors, our garden is beginning to look lovely. As always palisade fencing with wooden slats and the boundary wall between us and Angus and Amanda. 
The view from the back yard towards our bedroom window (the net curtains are always pinned back so that the kitties have a full view outside 

My Gazania Rigens with the sun slanting through the fence
The same part of the side garden from the bedroom window
The fence continues along the front garden. I took this photo from my small front veranda off our front door which we never use!
Facing the driveway and the front gate. Two months ago there was no lawn here; what a difference God-given rains makes
A wide-angled view of the driveway, palisade fences and the boundary wall
Last month we chopped this wild plum down; it had not made it through the drought. I bought and planted an Acacia Karoo (Sweet thorn) in front of it - you can just see it
Out on my pavement (sidewalk) I discovered that I had a Pride of India tree / Laegerostroemia indica. The lawn isn't too lush here, but I hope to strengthen it before the winter arrives

My Rhus Pendulina with new plantings of bulbine fruitecens beneath it

Approaching our motor gate from the street

I'm linking to Good Fences Thursday hosted by TexWisGirl here



  1. nice and green right now and lovely work!

  2. The garden is looking lush and green. Happy Thursday!

  3. Hello!:) You put a lot of work into your garden but it paid off, it's looking good.:)

  4. I am sure you like having the green back again especially for St Patrick's Day!

  5. Hello Jo, your gardens look beautiful. So glad you had some rain, it is nice seeing the green. I always enjoy seeing your cute Skabenga. Great fence shots. Happy Thursday, Enjoy your day!

  6. your garden is just beautiful. that rain really helped a lot. i can see Skabenga is enjoying the side yard and grass.. you and John are doing great work

  7. Nice yard. It's been dry here, nothing will grow for several weeks yet.

  8. I like it all...and in that first shot I think the window looks so interesting.

  9. Your yard looks very nice. You have great fencing around it and a nice looking dog.

  10. Thank goodness for the rain. Your yard looks so nice and inviting.

  11. Your work has paid off and the garden is looking good. So hard to do when we have long periods of dry weather.


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