Thursday, March 3, 2016

Good fences, good cattle

This morning as the dogs and I left the golf course, a single beast came trotting up to the gate of the paddock where the cattle are enclosed. 
A single animal trotted up the gate as we were leaving the golf course
This wasn't the same beast as the one who always runs to meet me; instead this was another one who has learnt to trust Skabenga
When I put my hand out to pet it, it shied away

Yet it dipped its head when Skabenga did a little dance accompanied by a series of yelps

I love the farm gates in our area and the beast gave me the opportunity to capture him and the gate in one! 

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  1. Hello Jo, what a beautiful cow. They are used to being around Skabenga now, that is good. Great fence photos. Have a happy day!

  2. Neat.....I especially LOVE the 3rd photo from the top.

  3. I love shot!

  4. what a cool cow, such character. happy fencing. ( :

  5. such a sweet face, i would try to pet it to

  6. It's neat the cows come to greet you while you are on your walk. The gate does allow for a good view of the animals and the farm.

  7. Not used to seeing cattle with floppy ears.

  8. Hi Jo,

    Hope the fence is not electrified. In NZ, boys throw sticks at the fence to check if the fence are.

    sorry for not visiting for a while.

    My chilli story will be one I will tell when I am old. Not many people use our trains.

  9. Hi, WELL---that is one critter that we do NOT see on our golf course here. ha ha ..... We did walk this morning ---but it was COLD out there. We had our heavy jackets on, toboggan hats, and gloves. Bet you didn't have to dress like that???????

    Hugs to you,

  10. 4 legged animals have a bond. They seem to trust each other more so than those of us with just 2.


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