Saturday, March 19, 2016

Weird and wonderful critters

Hi everyone. My contribution to Saturday Critters with Eileen is rather strange and weird today. 

Last weekend I looked up above the wall to Angus' house and saw a UFO over his yard. The children who'd climbed onto their jungle gym, were squealing with delight at the sight!
A drone that Angus was testing over his garden last weekend

The children were so excited at this sight! 

 The little ones know that Granny always has her camera and turned around to point out the drone to me! 

On the golf course earlier that morning, Skabenga lay on the grass while I photographed small flowers (and him!) 

I took this photo as the sun was rising. The result was a sepia - colored image

Back at home, I snapped a strange bug  on my tiles

Driving to the city last week for Grant to have his stitches removed, we were overtaken on the left side (not legal in South Africa) by several large black Audis. Waiting behind one at the toll gate, we noticed that it was left-hand drive (these LHD vehicles are not bought in SA)

We smiled when we saw the driver had to reach over the passenger seat on the right side of the car to pay the toll agent
Turning off the N1 into the city of Bloemfontein, we saw the five Audis riding along the overhead bridge
We're still not sure whether these cars were government vehicles but enjoyed seeing such beautiful big cars on our roads
At the Engen One Stop (garage, shop and restrooms) we watched as three people took their dogs for a walk on the lawns and offered them water
Back home my aloes are in full flower and the Malachite Sunbirds are enjoying them 
I took these photos (and dozens more!) from my office window

Traveling to the city earlier this week again, Grant said to me to look at the car which was overtaking us. I picked up my camera...
A Ferrari 

I'm linking my post to Elaine's Saturday Critters here

As this post is aired, Grant and I are on our way to Kwa-Zulu Natal to the Drakensberg. We're off to spend the day and night with John, Debbie and our six Natal grandchildren. 

Happy weekend to you all! 


  1. the sunbirds are lovely. so is the shot into the sun of the horse. :)

  2. Love the horse shot. It is illegal to fly a drone so near people ( certainly in this country). They are under the CAA rules. And have been known to catch quite a number of accidents. Have a lovely weekend

  3. Hello Jo, I enjoyed seeing your grandchildren and the drone. They look excited. Skanbanga, the horse and the Sunbirds are all beautiful. I would love to have that lovely Sunbird in my garden. Thank you for linking up and sharing your post. Have a happy weekend and a safe trip!

  4. have fun with your grandkids. that is odd about the 5 black cars.. love the sepia horse and of course the big black dog

  5. you saw some very unusual birds. Have fun. Hi to the family.

  6. The drone looks very cool. Beautiful bird photos in your garden, Jo.

  7. The kids look excited about that drone! :-) That malachite sunbird is beautiful!


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