Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Carry on Nurse

Today as this post is aired, Grant is having the stitches removed from his wrists. Two weeks ago he had surgery for Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and I, for one, sure am pleased the goal post of healing is in sight. 

It's been nigh on ten days of dressing, swabbing, bandaging and helping a helpless man without the total use of his hands, poor lambie

It was a very painful process - the healing and the convalescing bit - but hopefully as from 10am today, Grant will have full use of his hands and that the feeling returns to his digits. 

When he came out of surgery two weeks ago in the hospital, I was waiting at his bed in a general ward. It was rather more uncomfortable compared to when he had a private ward in November last year. The ward had five beds in it, benches and plastic chairs for visitors next to each bed as well as a trolley across the bottom of each. 

Grant was fully awake and declared he was starving. He'd been fasting since 7 that morning and it was now already 8.30pm.
The man returned from surgery bandaged to the hilt! 

I'd arranged for his dinner to be brought to him but of course, with his hands bandaged up, I cut up the bangers and mash and fed it to him! 

Our sons (one in Marquard and one in Mozambique) wanted to know how their dad was so I sent them several photos by Whatsapp to keep them in the loop. 

Meanwhile, the patient asked if I could lift his bed to a more comfortable position. In our previous hospital sojourn, we'd used the remote control to lift and let down the bed. This evening, though, I couldn't find the electronic gadget; instead I located a lever on the left side of his bed. Which I pulled and dropped the poor man flat on his back! 
Not impressed when his nurse dropped him flat on his back!

Each of the other four patients had two or more visitors so when I dropped Grant's bed, the whole ward burst out laughing! Eventually Grant had to laugh as well!  
 I called the sister on duty and she found the remote and lifted Grant to a more comfortable position

The next morning the sister removed the large bandages and added a small plaster.

The hand-socks which kept the dressings safe and sterile
Halfway through the time of healing, Grant's right hand swelled up badly. I sent this photo to the orthopedic surgeon in the city: his reply: tell Grant to REST his hands! 

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  1. Oh my! The healing process is never fun, easy or as quick as we'd like it to be. I hope the surgery was a great success.

  2. Poor guy, it all sounds very inconvenient and painful.

  3. I can imagine is not too good at 'resting'! Glad the surgery is over and he is on the ment. with all grants surgeries, perhaps is is as well you are not in 'Africa' at present. Rememeber the Lord nows best, we just have to be ahooy and content with His plans

  4. Hello Jo, I can not imagine having both hands worked on at the same time. You and Grant are real troopers, there is not much you can do without using your hands. I hope Grant is resting his hands, they need time to heal. Happy Tuesday, enjoy your day!

  5. I thought it was only one wrist, no wonder you had to help. i am giggling as my mind wanders to all the things he can not do that needs assistant... so glad he is better and i got another giggle from the doctor reply... once my dog vet said to me on the phone, Sandra use your common sense, if Baby were a child and on antibiotics would you let her run and play in the park? OOPS... hope G is resting his hands.

  6. Lol what WILL we do with you? Xxxx

  7. Rest AND elevate his hand!
    Good-Ness!!! Bless y'all's hearts!

  8. Ouch! Recouping is hard on both the patient and nurse. You both deserve big hugs and well done's.
    The View from the Top of the Ladder


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